Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Let me just bring up the tension for those of you who are in HMC aka Foundations.


and its like when?


and come to think of it..


Yeah, I bet those lines would have made you guys panic and pee in your pants already. No, didnt? Guess you guys are not well influenced by the lines that much. XP

Alright, get back to the main topic.

One day i was lying down on my bed, staring at facebook home stonning... repeat, NOTHING ELSE but stonning infront of the computer. Theres actually alot of things that I could actually do at home. Let me list it out for you guys..

1. Grab the guitar and sing my lungs out.
2. Read some new archie comic books that I bought.
3. Play Counter Strike with AIs.
4. Pump my God Eater character.
5. Sleep extremely early. (It was about 9pm that time.)
6. Bring my dog out for a walk.
7. Go downstairs and trying to play some piano.
8. Watch some old movies again.
9. Watch Ghost Adventures.
10. Theres too much to talk about.. Lets just leave it that way. XD

Yeap, theres actually a whole list of things that I can do at home. But what do i choose to do? I choose to stone infront of my computer and stare at my facebook and msn for noooooo apparent reason.

Suddenly, my conscious stuck me and Im actually thinking about the exams!! Thinking of what kind of topics are coming out, how tricky can the questions get, refreshing what the lecturers have though, flashing back whether the lecturers got gave up any hints.. etc...

And then.. In my head, I was thinking and saying it to myself..

"If shes studying now.. Why not I study too?"

Yeah, thats what I was really thinking, No kidding..

So, what did I do? I took out my business book from my bag, stand up, walk to my tuition room, sat down, open the book and READ!! DX Pretty unbelievable huh?

I guess she sorta influenced me with her.. errr... study-nesss? XD

But her influence wasnt strong enough.. After flipping through my business text book for about 30mins, I gave up, stood up, enter my room, turn on the PSP, and play. XD

Okay, at least I did try to study right? XP

Today, I was walking around the corridoor and talking to her and I just found out that she was pretty slacking off these few days as well! D8

So, looks she influence me and mayb just mayb I influenced her as well. XP

Question is..

Am I influecing her? Or Shes influencing me. XD