Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prom Suit

Yeap, last night was Prom Night. I dont wanna start the real big topic about it yet.. cause its too AWESOME to talk about. XD Its going to be one long son of a bitch post. XD

Im just gonna show off my prom suit. XP

This is how i dressed for prom. XP

Okay. I was kidding.. No wait.. I wasnt. I was wearing that during prom. But it was for the show. XP (Be surpirse to hear this.. but i was a model. XP XP) Nyahaha~

Alright Alright.. Enough for the the jokes. XP Lets just get on with the real damm thing.

Some of you who went on Facebook, you guys would have probably saw a status/wall post on my profile that says..

"After trying out my full prom suit, I really think I dress like Chen Zhen!! XD But just that his is pure white and mine is pure black. XD"

I was not kidding.. and to prove it, here are the pictures of me. XP

Jet Li as Chen Zhen.

My impression of him. XP

Donnie Yen as Chen Zhen.

My impression of him. XP

Yeah, i definately love my suit. XP Thanks to my bro for lending it to me of course. My sister loved that suit too, and be very surprise. She thinks that im HOT in it. XD (Dont worry, I was surpise when she said that too.) XD

The real story of HMC Prom Night will come soon. Be patient. XP XP XP