Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crazy Bus Driver

It was one fine saturday morning.. and yet i still have to attend college classes. It was a replacement college day for one of the wednesday public holidays. So, i woke my ass up to attend my first class which is about 9.30am.

I step out from the house at about 8.30am, and walk all the way to tropicana city to wait for my bus. The bus arrive at about 8.45am, which is pretty damm lucky cause usually i will have to wait for about half an hour for a bus. The bus driver of the bus was a short chubby malay dude. (about Esther Teng's size. XD)

Alright waiting for the bus journey was just crap.. lets just head straight to the real story then..

Right after my station, there was this passenger entered the bus. I dunno about him but it seems to me that the pessanger is new cause he didnt know where to put the money. (FYI, his a malay dude too.) In the bus, we're suppose to put the money in some sort of metal container.

The passenger finally figured out that he is suppose to put the money in the metal container. But that time, the metal container was sealed, so that means you have to give the money to the bus driver. The passenger didnt know, so he tried to stuff the money into the sealed container. (His a newbie, so lets not use the word stupid here.)

For some reason, the bus driver got pissed and starts yelling at him. Heres what happened.. (Please forgive me for my bad malay)

Bus Driver: " Woi, you tak tau mana letak wang kah!? Tak pergi sekolah kah!?"

Passenger: "Mana letak wang ah?"

Bus Driver: "Beri saya lah!? You buta kah tak tengok tangan saya di sini!?"

Passenger: "Oh, okay okay." *gives the bus driver the money*

Bus Driver: "Yish, bodoh punya budak tak pergi sekolah!! Orang macam kau biar tidur di rumah dan tunggu orang hantar kamu la! Kacau saje!" *Give the ticket to the dude aggressively*

Seriously, I have no idea what did that passenger did wrong. He just didnt know where to put/give the money and the bus driver just starts yelling for nooooo apparent reason.

The fight wasnt over.. through out the journey in the bus, the bus driver didnt stop complaining about the passenger out loud. He starts saying really really mean things like "Balik tidur, jangan keluar." and something like "Bodoh punya orang balik sekolah belajar lah!" and some other stuffs which is really annoying, disturbing and hurtful.

It would make the passenger very dumb if he wouldnt react or count back what the bus driver said. So the passenger starts talking back.. heres what happened..

Passenger: "Apa you mau dari saya ni!? Kau tak puas hati apa ni!?"

Bus Driver: "Saya tak puas hati dengan tabiat kacau buat macam bodoh!"

Passenger: "You tak kenal saya pun!!"

Bus Driver: "Saya tak suka orang seperti kamu tak datang bas says ni buat kacau saje!"

Passenger: "Apa saya telah buat!?"

Bus Driver: "You sendiri tau!"

Theres a moment, the passenger kept his mouth shut cause he didnt want to make the fight worst. The bus driver thought that he was not happy with his attitude and the fight still continues..

Bus Driver: "You tak puas hati dengan saya you turun dari bus saya!!"

*bus driver breaks the bus and opens the front bus door*

Bus Driver: "YOU TURUN SEKARANG! Saya tak mau tengok orang seperti kamu dalam bas saya, keluar!!"

While the fight was going on, there was this young indian girl whose scared and wanted to stop both of them from fighthing. But she was just girl, so she most probably would get herself into trouble if she tries to step up and stop them. She then looked around and see if anyone who can help to stop both of them. Sadly, the other bus passengers in that bus was stoning staring at the fight as if it was some sort of movie drama to them. What a bunch of dumbasses.. Why didnt I move? Read on and you'll know..

The passenger then stumbled out from the bus. Really, what in the world did the passnger do to that bus driver?? Is not that he killed the bus driver's family or something..

Okay, if you get chase out by a bus driver for noooo apparent reason, of course you be pissed like hell. When your pissed, you will do some kind of hand motion like waving the air which indicates the person is crazy or stupid.

So, that what the passenger did when he got down the bus. The bus driver in the bus saw and then he got angry. He took off his seat belt and get down the bus heading towards the passnger and both of them started like fighting.

I cant stand watching it anymore, so I stood up and head down to the bus and stop both of them. I pushed the bus driver away and asked the passenger to quickly leave before things turn bad. The passenger quickly left the scene..

The bus driver then started cock staring me. Now I just got myself into the passenger's trouble. Heres what happened then.

Bus Driver: "Kenapa you kepo ni!? Kenapa you datang kacau!?"

Me: "Saya cuma tak mau ada orang cedera."

Bus Driver: "So, you cakap saya buat salah la!?"

Me: "Bukan, Bukan!"

Bus Driver: "You jangan duduk bus saya lagi!!"

Yeah, WTF right? I was innocently chased out from the bus.. theres more.. heres the second stupid thing that i did to get myself to more trouble..

Me: "Okay, tapi saya mau duit saya balik!!"

Hey, I only sat for 2 station in that bus!! I have the right to ask for my money back la! And IM CHINESE! XD But really it was stupid move.. After I said that phrase I sorta triggered his anger.. guess what happened?

The fella tried to freaking PUNCH me!!! No kidding! But have I seen it coming, so i block his punches by sorta flapped my arms around to block his fists. And you know whats really dumb? NONE of the passengers in the bus are doing anything to help me! I saw some fine mens in the bus, but NONE of them freaking come down and help me with any shits.

Yeah i got hit at my arm and my shoulder but it wasnt painful.(Looks like all the random punches by my brother paid off. XD) I tried to fight back like punch him or kick him or something. But I cant seem to land a punch on him cause my hands are too busy blocking, and my legs are busy keeping myself balance from his punches.

The fight really wasnt really long, i think its like a 30seconds or more fight only.. the bus driver suddenly grew tired and stop fighting already. I was about to get ready to counter a few punches back to him but then he said..

Bus Driver: "You ingat muka saya, YOU INGAT!! You mau complain, pergi complain la! Saya tak takut!! Tapi, you ingat muka saya, jangan biar saya tengok muka kamu di dalam bus saya lagi!"

He ran up the bus and drove off quickly. I think his afraid of me cause I was about to fight with him seriously and I was really bigger size than him. Or mayb he was too tired to fight cause he was sorta fighthing with the pessenger. Well, the fight was over..

In the end, I lost my bus ride, cant get my money back and the worst is I never get to land a single punch/kick on that person. (I feel really lousy back then..) But still, i did something good which is stop someone from getting hurt although I got myself into his trouble.

When the next bus arrive, I have already ran out of small changes. I went up the bus and told the new bus driver the whole story. The new bus driver was a really really nice guy, he asked me whether I was hurt or not and he gave my a free ride. Looks like good karma really struck me back immediately. X)

By the time I reached to college, I was about to be late for my class. But thankfully, I manage to reach there right on time. XP

Yeah, if u sit a bus every single day, you can see lots of crap dramas like this. But when u see something like that, dont be an asshole and sit down there and be an idiot watching the whole thing like some sort of movie. If you can help GO HELP, if u cannot GET SOME HELP!!

When I said bus U82 is a sohai bus, I meant it for real.. The next time i see that dude, I will really whack the shyt out of him. (I knew I shud have learn some Wing Chun or something. XD)

I told my brother the whole story and heres what he said..

Bro: "So, he was fat."

Me: "Yeap."

Bro: "and short."

Me: "Uh huh"

Bro: "and was tired fighting with you."

Me: "Get straight to the point please."

Bro: "Haiya.. then you know what u shud have done?"

Me: "What? Kick the shyt out of him? o.O"

Bro: "Nope, even better. Quickly run to his bus and quickly get the bus keys."


Yeah, I think i shud have done that.. XD