Saturday, November 27, 2010

Treat it like A Day

I have tons of people coming to me and asking me..

"Why do u have tons of story to tell in your blog?"
"Does this kind of things always happens to you?"
"Are you making stories up?"

Yes, I always have tons to story to tell in my blog.
Yes, you can say that this kind of things always happens to me.
No, these stories are NOT made up.

The stories that I tell in blog are all the things that I see/face in life. Well you can say I actually go and cause this stories to happen sometime. Yeah, I tend to kepo and do things to help people and sometimes i even get myself into troubles. XP

Besides that, why do things always happened to me is because I think I have a cute family? funny/amazing/stupid friends? And i tend to see alot of things in life as I walk/take bus/go out everytime? XP

I always ask a friend of my a question like everytime before we start a conversation..

"Hows your day?"

She finds it really difficult to answer my question cause theres really nothing much happening. Well, shes not the only one who finds it really difficult to answer such question. XD

To me, in every single day, theres definately something special on that day itself. (I said to me.) That something special doesnt really have to be BIG. Even a small thing that happen on that day is special day to me. So I'll treat it like A day to be remember as well. XP

Yeah, i can get happy really easily. XP (It works the other way around as well.)

So, I tend to treat my blog like a diary but this is like some public diary where people can see what Im doing everyday. Yeah, I admit im a pretty LOA person. XP

Im bloggin because I wanna share something to you guys, tell stories, crap and also send a message to everyone whose reading my blog. X)

Life can be really really fucked up at times, and you tend to wanna close your eyes and just walk away. But just think about it, what if you do something about it? Just TRY and do something about it. Give it a shot. Who knows? Will there be a difference? You choose.,

Yeap, Im crapping again.. XP