Saturday, November 20, 2010

Songs = Them

Okay.. heres one weird thing about me.. I dunno whether you guys do this or not.. but I do this practically ALL THE TIME. So yeah. XP

I always like to choose a song to represent someone. Its like everytime i heard that song, I will always think that one particular person. Whats really weird about this is that.. one song can only represent ONE person. So, when that song plays, that ONE person is the only person that I have in my head. I can pratically picture an imaginary Music Video and he/she will be in it. XP

This usually happens to girls that i know.. (especially girls who I have history with.) guys, it still happens but not so much. XP

And these songs will be updated as well. Like when theres a new song that will still makes me think of him/her, I will change song and make it into the song that represents them. XP

Its a weird and yet a funny thing to do.. XP

You can find most of the songs in my computer or in my handphones. Yeah, my blog post songs also represent people. XP

The question is.. Which song represent who?

Well that my friend is for me to know and you to figure it out. XP

Really, its not that hard to find out which song represents who.. Its pretty damm obvious.. All you have to do is use some critical thinking then you should be fine.

This is just one weird and random fact about me. There is actually one WHOLE list of weird facts about me. XP Lets just keep that for other blog post then.

Yours is 'Ho Ho Hopefully' by the Maine.

And hers is 'Mine' by Taylor Swift. X)