Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bacon & Eggs Performance

No, Bacon & Eggs are not FOODs. And No again, No food is going to perform for you guys. XD

So, what exactly is Bacon & Eggs. Simple.. Its Me and Nicole. XP Our stage name.

*If you want to ask whose the Bacon and whose the egg, I suggest you give it up and dont ask la. XD

Why Bacon & Eggs? Well.. its a long story.. but the short version is.. we cannot figure out a stage name so we just go with this name! XD Yes, we did ask for suggestions but we just prefer to have it this way.. XP

Yesh, Me and Nicole are going to perform this saturday (6th November) at Ecoba Restaurant. Wheres that? Heres the google map for you guys to figure it out where issit. (To be honest, me, myself also dunno wheres it. XD)

Ecoba Restaurant and Bar -google map.

*Click it please~ XP XP XP

I would like to thank ALL of you out there for liking our videos. It really is something very very BIG for us. This is our first stage open mic live performace, so I hope to see you guys there to support us. XP

Before we end this post.. here are some song cover that me and Nicole did recently. XP Yeah, its on youtube for quite awhile already but I didnt post it on my blog yet. XP

Pokerface Acoustic Cover ft. Nicole

Fireflies Acoustic Cover ft. Nicole

Yesh, we will be performing these songs, the songs that we covered and also a few other songs that were never done before. XP Interesting in hearing? Then come and see and you'll know! XD


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I think that this a a really really BIG challenge for me and Nicole. As there are some songs that even Im not familiar with it. We have to perform on stage without the lyrics and without any chord books with me. but still.. We will DO OUR BEST!!! XD


If you guys
love Nicole. Then come. XP