Sunday, October 31, 2010


From the day that I've feel in love with the first girl.. I've know there something is wrong with me.. I asked her.. whats wrong with me and..

She said to me: "You're just sensitive, thats all. X)"

My dad says so and so does my mom..

But is being sensitive really good?

I just had a few conversation with my friends.. One of them was tired and wanted to give up with his/her life. One sounded kinda pissed and wanna flip the whole world upside down. Its on msn, so i dont really know about it.. but from the words that they type, i can feel that something is not right.

I asked them.. "You okay?"

Its true im no god, im not the kind of person who can keep secrets prefectly, im no family to you, im no close friends.. I would totally understand if any of you wont wanna tell how you feel or what you think.

Sometimes, I think.. issit just me??

What can I do?

What did I do?

I said it before.. "Im going to make everyone around me happy!! Just like how my father did it!! XD" Yes, I remember i said it proudly along the corridoor, in the restaurant, in my blog and even in facebook.

I wonder.. how my dad does it? How can he comfort me and everyone around him so perfectly.

A friend once told me.. he tried to do the same thing that I am trying do now. Heres what he said..

"You can save people but you cant save everyone.."

This stories have nothing to do with me.. but why my heart is aching so badly?

I just felt useless...

Who says being over sensitive is nice..

But you know what?

Im not going to give up cause of these few SOABss trying to make me feel sad!! And im not just going to say it to myself.. Im saying to you SOABss as well!


If i give up now.. lesser people are going to do what im doing now.. Who knows.. No one else is going to do what im doing now in the future?

My dad did it, i believe so can I. Yeah his more handsome than I am and more cooler than I am but what the heck.. his true kind-ness still flows in my blood. XP

If i fall and cry on my kness, i'll wipe my tears and stand up and fight!! or I have Daniel and my other friends to kick my ass to keep me awake. XD

Ask yourself.. what should you do..

I have my answer..

Im going to keep on going.. XP

Dont worry.. be happy.. cheers~