Friday, October 29, 2010


Remember I said that I want start re-playing online game.. Yeah, I've been saying that alot lately.. But still i cant really choose the right game. Even if i have choosen the right game, some of my friends are not really interested in it cause it boring.. DX

Thanks to Dex Shan, I finally manage to found the prefect game for me!! 8D Its now back to the one and only Ragnarok Private Server!! XD

*If you wanna know which server are we playing. Look at the title of this post. XP

Most of my friends in college are playing this game. Dex, Mandy, Dex's friend which i known as Trey, Kai Boon, Esther, Suilun, and Nick. Soon be recruiting more. XP Join us la if you guys want.

server link:

I was never a very good RO player.. The further-est I went was Knight lvl78 thats all. XD Playing private server is the best way to make me 'look' pro. (or the other way, NOOB)

I have been trying to play various different kinds of job.. My all time favourite is always some job that is holding a sword and shield or spears kicking people's/monster's ass. XD Therefore, its between Paladin or Lord Knight.

After listening to Dex's point of view on which character is better. I prefer to be Paladin. XP Not much of a killer type paladin, but more towards tanking type paladin. (AKA Devotion Paladin) What i heard from Dex is that the job of a tank paladin is pretty easy.. stand there let ppl hit and eat pots. XD

(left) Dex's Sniper, (mid) My Paladin, (right) Trey's Whitesmith.

I did try and PVP/Duel with some of us.. It was not easy winning as them.. Sometimes, winning them are just pure luck. Its either my shield reflect they die, or i was lucky to manage to hit them. XD

Won Dex's Sniper.

Won Nick's Sniper.

Yeah, the jobs that I've killed were all Sniper. XP XP XP I never kill Trey's whitesmith and Dex's Assassin Cross. Even if i did.. it was pure luck like i said. XP

Ever heard of Coinring? I think VeeeRO is only RO that have that kind of poring. XP

My paladin is definately not the best character to go for hunting.. So i created various of different job for hunting. XP Lord Knight and Assassin were my best hunters. XP

I think im going to pump my Lord Knight after i finish pumping my Paladin.. Got a tanker, and a half time killer. XD

I still got a long way to go if I want my Paladin to be damm strong.. X)