Monday, October 25, 2010

Mid-Terms OVER!!!

My 3rd semester mid-terms is finally over!! But that doesnt mean that its a very good thing.. that also means that assignments due dates and also finals are coming! DX DX DX

Hows my midterms? Well.. My first two papers are bitches.. but my last two papers i did pretty good. XD Im pretty sure I'll get good grades for it. XP

Right after mid-terms exams.. There was Halloween Night. Sure the event wasnt really successful.. but I had fun. Im not sure how the others feel about that night but i think that night is a good way to let out all my exams over feelings. Finally doing an event without a burden on the chest saying 'GO HOME and STUDY! STUDY!' XD

The next day, Saturday, I have to wake up early to help my dad out in the morning market. Something pretty funny and yet interesting happened. There was this customer with a twin daughters. (about 5 years old I guess...) Both of them looked extremely cute! 8D After they got their carrot cake, they both together said bye to me and my dad. Right after that my dad right away told me that..

"One of you is going to get me a twin!! XD".

Now, im feeling the pressure.. lets just hope me and my future wife's hormones are good/lucky enuf to produce a twin. XD Or mayb i'll let my brother and my sister's future family to deal with that. XD

Sunday was pretty amazing as well.. We had a class trip.. Suelyn, Jeanie, Victor, WeiGin, Mike, JarnJiang, and most of my other class mate are involved in the trip. The whole trip was pretty long.. especially the bus trip.. We had TONS of fun inside the bus.. eating, singing, playing.. We have a game which is pretty special cause it involved music/songs. (Which im totally IN to it! XD) Its pretty much a common game. XP

First, our teacher give us a word like for example 'Love'. We have to figure out a song with the word 'Love' in the lyrics. It involved different language as well but that song must have the english word 'Love' in it! XD Pretty easy eh? Well, its not as easy you think it is..

Turns out my team won.. one is because of my uber strong music lyrics memory!! Of course, Victor, Suelyn and JarnJiang helped alot too. XD I just notice that we choose are the Barney song alot for our asnwer. XD Anyways.. Good Game..

Finally we reached our destination. In this trip we are going to two places.. First, we visited some place where they adopt or save dogs which are unwanted or injured before. To be honest.. When I enter the place.. i feel a full saddens and sorrow and feeling bursting into my heart.. Maybe its the aura that the dog are releasing.. or mayb its because im sensative.. XP

Its fun to look at the dogs waving their tails at you.. but it sad when you look at them suffering from those serious past injuries. There this dog is small and super cute!! but then.. that dog has cancer at the lungs. DX Which means.. its not going to survive for long.. Theres also another cool and huge looking german sherpard which only have two legs. (front legs) The poor little thing cant even pee properly since it cant lift both of its hide legs. It have to pampers in order to pee and poop. Poor thing.. X(

Some of the dogs there are normal and looked very very beautiful with their awesome fur. But they have human phobia due to their sad past owner/experience/memories. (Curse them!!!) I really want to pat them on the head but when I step a single step toward them.. they started running away. X(

After that, we all got confused with the name of the dogs there, then we decided to name some of the dogs there with our own people name. XD I named one Victor, another on Jeanie, another one WeiGin and they named one of it Klex and another one Yu Ming. Turns out that they one named YuMing is a female dog. DX XD

Next, its part two of our second trip! XD before that we did head to some restaurant and have our lunch. The food there are great but its too little. XP Anyways, our second trip was to the HOT SPRING!! 8D

What I've been imagine about hot spring its just a huge bath tab with warm water.. not HOT water. But that hot spring that we went that day.. was FREAKING HOT!! DX

There were two hot tubes there. One is not so much.. its like dipping urself into a hot tab but slight hotter. Just slightly.. XP Well, the other was the one where you throw an egg inside, the egg will become boiled that kind!! D8 No kidding!! Its THAT hot!! XD

Me, Victor and JarnJiang took the first step into the HOTTEST ONE!! Well we didnt knew there are two different hot tabs so we decided to go to the one where lesser people are in. But sadly.. there a lesser people in that particular tab is because its the HOTTEST one. DX

One step or shud i say, dip into the hot tab i started shouting in pain already. Then slowly slowly one by one started shouting along. The hot-ness of the water is no joke.. moving ur feet is worst than not moving it at all! The best way to bear all the pain in to just sit still. XD The one who beared the most pain among us is JarnJiang. XD

After all of us got a little bit used to the water. We start having a competition. See who can stay inside the water the longgest. Turns out, no one win that competition because of us are just sitting still.. seriously.. even if someone is moving the water.. it will be damm painful. DX

When all of us got up, our legs are HOT reddish! XD

The journey back home was quiet and peaceful.. everyone was tired from all the things going on that day.. napping in the bus was great. And surprisingly, i didnt snore like an elephant that time!! 8D I think me myself know why.. XP

Back home.. bath and then start doing my stats assignment which due date its the next day itself!! Thanks to KaiBoon and Esther, I manage to have a reference of what I am doing. XP Thanks again..

Well thats how i spend my konon-nya 3 days of holidays right after mid-terms. This sem there are not mid-term breaks or something.. DX

Oh well.. lets just get over it.. X)