Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Song You are to Me

Alright facebook-ers. Have you seen my latest facebook status? (3/9/10)

'The first 15 person who LIKE this status will get to know what song you are to me! XP'

If you're really a facebook-er and your a blog fan or mine, you should know why did i ask you guys to do so. XP Yeap.. this is another challenge for me to scroll down my playlist and think carefully who related to which song. X)

True.. When i put on the earphones.. play a random song (my phone playlist is always shuffle mode) When a song is playing.. for some reason.. i think of a person.. its like imagine that person is in some sort of imaginary music video I have in my head. XP It only happens to some people who are close to me.XD

I will put a small hint there to tell you guys why you guys remind me of that particular song. If you guys still dont get it then too bad la.. XP

#. (Name) - (Song Name) by (Artist who wrote/sang the song) (Hint)

1. Yun Fang- If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland ft. Katy Parry (After camp you found me.)

2. Yap Calvin- No Boundaries by Kriss Allen (Unstoppable.)

3. Max Ming Yi- Utopia by Within Temptation ft. Chris Jones (Introducting me the song.)

4. Hvey Jci Cheong- Hey Soul Sister by Train (Another Sister.)

5. Stefira Marzuki- Dynamite by Taio Cruiz (Influencing.. influencing..)

6. Amir- Justifaiz by Psychic Lover (555)

7. Adri- WBX/ W Boiled Extreme by Kamiki Aya ft. Takuya (Cyclone and Joker!)

8. Cai Hong- Baby by Justin Bieber (Your hair.)

9. Cheryl- Bounce by Timbaland (Dancing with the song!)

10. Ysabelle- Smile by Uncle Cracker (Your smile.)

11. Saiful Bahari- Change by Miwa (Bleach!)

12. Ming Long- Energetic by BOA (Sporting and Dancing.)

13. Wan Jia-Fearless by Taylor Swift (Fearless.)

14. Veron- Breath by BEAST (Your favourite.)

15. Xiau Wei- 小薇 by 黃品源 (Your name.)

If you guys have NO IDEA what song am I talking about. Go to youtube and try and find it. XP Hopefully, you will find any of them. XD

Wow.. i have to say.. this is waaaay harder than 'How I met You'. This one I really have to crack my head. Cause some of you guys are not really close to me and I totally have no song which are related to you guys.

Not going to do this again.. Mayb just stick to 'How I met You' is good enough.

When I hear 'Ho Ho Hopefully' by The Maines, I think of 'her'. X)