Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jasper gets Lost

For those of you who dont know who is Jasper.. Jasper is actually the CAT which I have been having in my house for about 7~8 years.

Yeap, that cat sleeping beside of me, is Jasper.

Okay i lied.. Jasper is actually a DOG. XD Yeap, my little, cute, fierce, not so smart, childish, hyperactive, old, pain in the ass, gay doggie. XD

Yeap, this is the dog that im talking about. XP

Im going to talk about a little cute and interesting story that just happened just now, today, this date (9/10/2010).

Max was willing to fetch me home cause he has nothing to do after classes. So, after fetching me home, I pressed on the door bell and like always, I'll call Jasper just for fun. Then sudden, Jasper slowly walk out from his sleeping spot and all the way infront of the door. Usually, Jasper will chained cause its fierce and it bites. So, Max saw the dog and he went..

Max: 'OMG!!!! The dog is FREE!!!!! D8'

Not to worry Max, with my uber awesome petting skills and with ur body in the kelisa, im pretty sure that Jasper will not lay a bite on you. XD

It turns out, Jasper was set free because my brother just took him out for a walk and wanted him to have alittle bit of free time to run around the house. So, he set him.

After that, I head straight to my room and to the computer..

Then, I heard the door bell and head straight down straights to see whose there. Turns out, it was the gas man who deliver gas to my house. So, my dad went and open the gates for him..

Remember that Jasper was chained for a reason? And remember Jasper was not chained during that time? Guess what happened...


Alright, something did happened.. but there was no blood, no scars, no injuries, basically, No biting. XD Jasper saw the gate was open and he quickly ran out from the house!! D8

This was the second time that such incident happened.. I remember when the first time this happened, i ran out and chase after him with my bare foot. I have been searching around the corner for about 30mins and still so sign of him. I felt like i was about to cry.. cause his my first and only dog. DX Thanks my dad, he found him loafing around behide my house. X')

Second time.. I have no feel at all.. I pretty sure that i can chase him back this time with my extremely smart brains and my uber long legs. What really pisses me off is that when i shouted his name for about 10 times. He show no respond and keep on running. Son of a Bitch.. XD

After walking around my neighborhood for about 10mins.. I started looking for the place where Jasper always love to go. The playground. So I head to the playground behide my house and still see no sign of him.. then when im on my way back home. I heard the sound of a chain being drag on the floor. (Its sorta like Jasper's bell. XD)

When i head to that direction.. i saw the little fella there..stoning left and stoning to the right. From the looks of it, I can tell that his lost. XD

I walk towards him and when he turn and saw me, he starts wiggling his tail and starts running towards my direction joyfully.

I dont speak dog language.. but im pretty sure that Jasper was lost and its happy that I found him..

I was pissed at him a few minutes ago but then.. after looking at his happy and reluctant face when I found him.. I guess that his just a little naughty.. thats all.

In the end, I hug him and give him a pat on the head and bring him back home..

I totally agree what they say.. Dogs are Men's best friend. It works the other way too. Mans are Dog's best friend. X)