Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mid-Terms Here and There

Finally a short break after 2 out of 4 of my mid-term exams. XD

Yes, my mid terms is still on and im still online.. Dont learn.. Its bad for ur education life. XP

First mid-term exams was C-Programming.. To be honest.. I dont find the paper hard.. The paper is just pretty tricky.. I love C-Programming but turns out C-Programming dont love me. DX I didnt really funk that hard.. but stilll I just think i can do waaay better la. DX

Next is Business Principles. The whole paper is like H.A.S.!! What does that stands for? Hard as SHIT!!! DX No only its difficult, its like farking long. The short questions are a literally meant to kill you!! D8 There are like 15+ of them and they all consist of soooo many marks!! Totally killed my fingers and hands.. Flunked again.. DX

Now whats left is Statistics and Visual Basics Programming.. Im not gonna fark these exams up.. Imma try my best to score for these!! Especially Visual Basics..


at the mean time.. lets just RO for awhile.. XD