Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quick Random Updates..

Its about 12.56am right now.. Sunday.. Although im not going to sunday school later.. but i still have to go to sleep early.. Why?

1. I have to start practicing and studying my VBP.
2. I have to start editting the videos that me and Nicole just covered.
3. I have to spend time thinking for 'Project When 10 Songs Meet'.

Yeap, thats 3 things that I have to do later.. which is today.. bah~ Im confuse..

So, imma make this post as short as possible.. Just to update you guys on what is goin on with my life these days.. It could be something very random or something that wanna say.. Long story short.. this is just some random post. XP

- Im doing great, Im doing fine.. Im still alive..XP
- C-Programming and VB Programming is KILLING ME!! DX
- Ms.Lorna is one of the coolest female lecturer in college. XP
- Mr.Gobi is officially my second favourite lecturer. X)
- Nicole has an awfully cute voice!! 8D
- Cannot let Stefira play my PSP for some reason... XD
- Spend time with Winnie and her mother! XD
- My dad thinks that Im in a relationship.. D8
- My brother thinks that I like Nicole!! D8
- Me and Nicole cannot make covers when our friends are around! XD
- Taylor Swift is still soooo HOT!!!
- Had an awesome time singing with Justin and John during Choir Night.
- Love spending time with 'her'.
- Still dreaming of being a super hero.
- Obsessed with Martial Arts!
- Dont want to sleep late but have to sleep late..
- Will not let Xiau Wei to kick my ass!!!
- thinks that I will be a useless Cupid.. XP
- Wants to help 'her' to distress herself..
- thinks that Libby needs a day or two to rest.. X)
- Want to spend more time with 'her'.

If and only IF I have a chance.. I'll say.. or should I sing..

'You are the best thing.. thats ever been mine..'

What? I like that song~ XD