Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How I Met My Friends

Did you guys read my most recent status post? (29/9/10) If you guys dont know.. let me just tell you guys what did i wrote. XP

'The first 10 person who LIKE this gets to know how I met him/her. XP'

There are people who liked the status. And as a promise im going to tell those people how I met them. Of course, telling them in facebook is going to be a pain in the ass since I have to go to one by one and tell each and everyone of them.. Plus, telling them one by one through the facebook status is going to kill the others since notifications will start flying and everyone's emails will start getting spam. XP

Therefore, to make life easier.. im going to tell them through my blog. XD

Im going by sequence from the first person who liked my status till the last.

1. Jarrel
- I still remember how I really met his dude. I remember its was a camp in eagle retch resort. (approximately about 3 years ago i guess..) His was one of my group member to team-ed up and did all the awesome things in the camp! XD I still remember that he was the dude who jump into the water and swim all the way to get the flag during out water rafting activity. XP

2. Kai Shin
- God, this is one friend who I have met long long time ago.. XD But still, since shes 'special' I definately still remember how i met her. XP I remember it was about standart 5 or 6 where I been to a tuition place called 'Edu Smart'. Theres where I first met her. Still remember that it was an english tuition class. XP At first, shes was just an ordinary smart girl who I met in class, then suddenly we both became close and then started talking to each other more and more often. Part of the reason that both of us became close is because she know who I 'like' during that time. After 7 years, both of us are still friends even until today. Thats why i said that shes 'special' X)

3. Victor Soon
- If im not wrong.. I know this dude through a camp.. How i really met and know this dude, is through choir. XP We both have met each other through Youth Camp but we started knowing each other better in CFCamp. But how I started become close to this dude is definately during choir practise. XP Why? Cause he keep demanding songs from me.. XP

4. Hevind
- Ahhhhh.. one of the first dark dudes that i met in college. XP To be honest, I know Hevind is really simple. Its through another friend named Dex. Really.. No Kidding.. but how both of us get to really know each other, is through DOTA-ing in campus. XP Besides that, we are like dudes who jumped around campus and kacau-ing people during the first few weeks of the semester. XP I also still remember that this dude was one of the people in the finite maths class which i intercept in. XD

5. Stefira
- I met this girl like really really really recently. Like less than 1 month that we known each other. XD I met her is through a friend name Faris. (that was first sight) But how I really met her.. is sorta by accident.. I accidentally pat her head cause i thought that she was Amy Wong. (both of them looked pretty alike from behide) How i really know her, is one day after business class, Me, Max, Daniel, Faris and Her went to Ali Maju and ate there. And thats when I really get to introduce myself and know her name. XP

6. Wendy
- How I really met Wendy, its PURE simple and clean. XP For first sight, I known her through one day at sunday school before choir practise. She heard me playing a YUI song called 'Again' and at the same time, she liked that song. XP How I really get to know her is through camps, choirs and a couple of sleep overs at Justin's place. XP

7. Reuben Liu
-Ahhhh.. Reuben. One of the dudes that i know who can really play Ping-Pong ball in college. XP How I met this dude, is definately through one of the days in DSA where he was playing ping-pong with some of his friend. (His friends became my friend as well after that. XP) How i really get to know this dude, this through practising for Pyjamas Party Orientation Night. XD Those we're the days where 'No Credit' are hardcore.. XD

8. Haley Choo
- It may seem like i met this girl recently.. but to be honest, I've known this girl long time ago. If im not wrong, when Im form 2. XP She was a randomly girl who i added in friendster and she was also one of my friend in my old msn email. Talked to her through msn before and after my email went hey-wired.. I never talk to her ever again. After few years.. she appears in my college as a April intake student. XP Sadly, she doesnt remember how we both met. DX

9. Candice Lim
- How i met Candice is really really random. When I was form 2, I was in 2 Lili and I took chinese subject. (surpirse? XP) Everytime when we have chinese class, we will swap those who are taking chinese into one class and those who are not in another one. My class has to swap with 2 Kemboja. And what class this girl in during form 2? XD If im not wrong, she also took chinese that year and thats how we both of became friends. XP

10. Xiau Wei
-Another girl who I met in college. I know the existance of XiauWei long time ago in college.. but how i really know her, is through Justin. Justin knows her because of WeiGin. At first, I thought she was the twin sister of WaiSin but turns out, they are not. (Thank God..XD) How I really really get close to Xiau Wei, is thanks to Pyjamas Party as well. XP As an add-on, I was sorta her advisor in some certain stuffs. (its only between me and her.)

There you go, that is really how I (personally) met all of you guys. And really, none of these are made up. If you really think and flash back for awhile.. I believe you guys will think that im not lying.. XP

Wow.. I guess I have some sort of SUPER Memory after all. XD I dont name my blogspot 'Memoriez Beyond' for no reason. XP