Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to School

Yeap, thats the theme for our August HELP Orientation Night. XP


This time's theme dress code should be alot more easier than the past few ones. All we have to do is squeeze ourselves back to our old uniforms and just BAM!! There you go. We are ready to get into BACK TO SCHOOL mode!! XD

This time's organizing the Orientation Night is slighty different from the past few ones. This time the January intakers of Social Sphere will step aside alittle bit and let the March and April intakers to be incharge of this time's orientation night. XP Press interesting eh?

The person who is given to be incharge of this time's orientation night is JiaLin and Shi Wei. XP

Lets stop the yapping and go all the way to The Events. XP

Although the turn out of this time's orientation night was lesser than the usual but still I believe everyone had FUN. Yes, I said everyone. Which also includes the Participants, people inchage and even the lecturers. XP We have people who are not from HMC there as well for this event!! XD (hinting: Nicole)

The games for this time's event are interesting.. I was part of the participants playing for each game.. and I had fun. XD Cooperating with other teams to bom other teams was serious interesting. Butt writing with my group mates (the BOM BOMs) and fake guessing Micheal Jackson was seriously a LOL. XD

The amazing thing about this time's Orientation Night is the performance. I believe everyone agreed with me right? XP This time we have a special band which is known as 'Never Early' performing for this time's orientation night. (No, they are early.. dont get the wrong idea cause of their band name. XD)

We found talent spreading out from this band through our Prom night performance auditions. So, we decided to ask them to perform for our orientation night. Thankfully, they agreed and brought along a friend of theirs to sing along.

7+1 songs (or was it more than that..) for the whole night totally rock the whole orientation night! XD

Of course, we have other performance by our own Social Sphere members like sexy Wonder Girl's dance and also some duet singing as well. I was part of the duet singing performance.. XP

Since im the part the duet singing performance, imma gonna talk more about it. XP (skip this part if you dont wanna know anything abt it.) Few days before the event.. Justin came and seek help from me to help them out with the performance. He and JuYi are going to sing duet for a song and Brandon and Steffanie for another one. (Brandon and Steffanie settle it their own)

They actually wanted to sing only 'Use Somebody'. I started practising and all in the sudden.. some inspiration struck my head. I manage to mash up 'Two is better than one' and 'Stand by Me' into one songs. 8D So, we decided to try to make things more interesting and sing a mash up duet for this performance. XD

Whats really interesting about these 3 songs is that they are pretty related.. XP

I was happy that the performance went great.. You can tell that there a small circuits running through Justin and JuYi's eyes while they are singing. XD I believe everyone will agree with me as well~ Yeah, I have to admit that the whole songs was a little bit long..(my apologise) but I still hope that the crowd enjoy-ed it. (Thats for you to answer.. not me. XP)

The really BIG BIG thing about each and everyone of our orientation night, is the Dance Floor.. XD

This time's orientation night we have more epic and professional dancers in the dance floor. Both male and females. Break dance, locking, robot, shuffling, free style.. wtv kind of cool moves they have in the dictionary of dancing, we have it on the dance floor. XD

Yeah, the dance floor was alittle bit short than the usual but everyone was tried.. from the games and the cheering for 'Never Early' performance. XP


I would say this is one of the best orientation night that I have ever had in my college life.

I have 2 more orientation nights to attend since im staying for another semester. But this really a memories beyond..