Saturday, September 25, 2010

Muay Thai: Self-Defense Workshop

Few days ago.. i went to Muay Thai workshop in HELP to learn alittle bit about self-defense and stuffs. I didnt really promote it in my blog but i believe i did promote it on facebook and even face to face in real life. XP

Ever since i was young.. I always wanted to learn some martial arts.. I still remember when I watch Jackie Chan movies, what i find the coolest is the 'Drunken Fist'. (I was never interested in Wong Fei Hong's stuns.) I told my dad and my dad went..

Dad: 'NO!!!! You cannot learn that art!!'
Me: 'Why!? o.O'
Dad: 'Cause you have to drink alchohol to develop that kung-fu!!!'

LOL!!! Yeap, I have a pretty cute dada. XP

Then after watching Ip Man, i wanted to learn Weng Chun. After watching Ong-Bak, i wanted to learn Muay Thai. Well not as much a Weng Chun la cause its sooo violent.. DX DX

Anyways back to reality..

Right after me and Nicole's cover recording, Me, Daniel, Max, Jag and Nicole head to the HELP residence and get prepared. Most of our other friends are all already there.. Head to the restroom and change immediately..

Something funny happened during the changing session.. NO, there are no underwears or naked bodies running here and there.. I should rephrase the sentence.. Some funny conversation happened in the rest room.. Ahhhhh~ XD

We start having a conversation of the incident in Saiful's open house. The story related to the BB gun.. XP (scroll down and read the blog post to understand more.)

Me: 'Jag, say you're a girl!!'
Jag: 'YOU'RE a girl!!' XD
Me: 'Crap...'

LOL!!! No, i was not being stupid.. XD

After changing, the coach arrive and give us a great introduction by shaking our hands.. asking our names and everything. I find him pretty cool.. XP

Then the event start.. We started warming up session with 10 laps of running.. No big deal.. I have long legs, thats definately not and issue. XP Then we have to do push ups for 1mins!! I repeat, its 1 mins!! NON-STOP!! DX right after that, its 1mins of sit ups!! DX DX the lastly we have to stand up and do left right punchs 100times. DX DX DX Super tiring..

After that, we have a few lesson about block and fighthing back.. He used Faris as his assistant for the whole lesson. Thanks to him, I've learned alot of ways to counter and punch.. All i need to develop is strength, accurancy, speed, erm.. basically i need more than one class to be able to really fight. XP

We learned alot of awesome moves which I cant really describe it through words.. You need action and demostration to see what we did. XP We did, kicks, punches, counter hits, jump attack, grab counters and many more..

Well the girls did learn something interesting.. when they are being attack on the floor, they have a way of counter attacking which i find it extremely useful for anyone!! Even dudes.. XP

Of all the moves that we learned that day.. my favourite is a the 'Tiger'. What issit like? Well, have you all watched Ong-Bak before? Where the guy jumps and uses his elbow and directly hit his oppenent right at the head? Yeap, thats 'Tiger' XP Max was my partner during the class..

You jump..

Raise your hand and..

Aim your elbow right at his head!

Thats 'Tiger'. No worries.. no one was injured using this practise. I was aiming for his shoulder instead of the head. XP

Through my research about Muay Thai, there is also another which is called the 'Elephant' which used both of your hand's elbow and also your knees to hit your oppenent. Very cool..

He then demonstrated with his pupil (which is a girl) on how Muay Thai training is like. Both of them are sooo fast and quick that i cant even count how many punches did they land on each other. From the looks of it, it must have taken them at least 2 years to develop such moves.

Next, he tested everyone of us.. he tested how well and how much have we learn through his class. He mainly test on the female participants as self defense is more important for them than male. So, he ask the girl to lay down on the floor and ask guys to attack them.. if they can survive for 10 seconds, they pass. XP

Max and Daniel manage to successfully attack a girl. For Max is probably because he has long hands like me.. and for Daniel.. erm.. I dunno.. his aggressive i guess? XD

Sze Kien was there and he taught a few counter moves of his own.. and I have to say that.. his damm cool.. those muscles that he have arent for show..

3 short hours of Muay Thai lesson really made me feel much more stronger. And it also really make me wanna learn martial arts more.

The coach then give us another few more tips and also open questions to anyone on how to defend ourselves in a different situation. He also told us the story of why he took Muay Thai and what kinda of martial arts he learned. Whats funny is that he told us what kind of martial arts his afraid of. Tai Chi. XD

Heres what I think Muay Thai is.. its a martial that gives a 1 HIT K.O. strike to your opponents. Does deadly or critical impacts to your opponents to knock then out. XP

If you asked me to take Weng Chun or Muay Thai. To be honest.. I'll take Weng Chun. Why? Its because Muay Thai is more of kicking and Weng Chun is more with hand motions.. From the start, im always better with me hands. XP I prefer Weng Chun more as well ask I think (i repeat, i think..) that is not as difficult as Muay Thai. (repeats, i said i think) Plus, Muay Thai seems pretty aggressive and violent..

Well who knows.. i might change my mind into Muay Thai instead. XP

We are planning to have a second one just for those who cant make it for the first one.. for those of you who didnt went.. BE SURE TO BE THERE! XD

Mayb i should really learn martial arts.. XP I did some research and I've found these..
1. Weng Chun center some where in Taman Tun (RM80 per month)
2. Muay Thai center beside KL central's Monorail station. (RM60 per lesson)

Anyone interested? XP