Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6th Nalanda Singing Competition (Day 1)

6th Inter-Dhamma School Hymm Singing Competition. (Day 1)

PS: This is going to be one very very long post. XP

This is my 3rd time going to this competition. The first year that my school went, we won 2nd place. Then, the second year we didnt really win anything. Final, this year is our last year joining this competition.. what did we won? Read on.. XP

At the first two years of this competition, I was part of the singer but this year, i play a different role. Is either i naik pangkat or turun pangkat and become and musician for the team. XD Yes, be very surprise that i was the guitarist for my school's team. XP That means, i get to jam with Suilun! 8D

One of the new thing abt this competition is that, this year the competition is split into two different days. One day for juniors (children) and another day for seniors (teenagers). I have to be the musician for both category. Therefore i have to go for the both competition days..

Before the competition, I was facing some problem with my guitar. No, i didnt break any strings. My guitar have no plug-ins at all! Therefore, hearing my guitar would difficult for people to hear the sound of my guitar. But still, thanks to Dex's guitar and Desmond's Amp, the problem was solved. XP (thanks guys.)

Everything is read.. Alright.. LETS ROCK!! XD

Lets skip all the musshy musshy road trip from my temple to that Shah Alam temple.. Lets just get straight to the whole story. XP To make this post not sooooo book-ish, i shall let most of the pictures do the talking. XP

Day 1 - The BISDS Junior Team

Last year's competition winner soloist!! (one day, my picture is gonna be there!)

Oh yes, i forgot to mention that each category have another minor category. Junior team have solo and group singing. Same goes for the seniors as well. XP

Yan Leng was pretty excited about the competition. XP

The first thing that we did when we reach there.. is to check all the systems. Mic testing, Amp testing, voice testing, piano testing.. basicly TESTING everything! XD

Suilun was the pianist for both junior category.

And I was the guitarist for the junior's group category.

After dinner, its time for the competition to begin.. Our cheerleader squads are ready to cheer for us. Suilun's fingers are read to play and my guitar is ready to rock!!

Placing, Solo 5th and Group 8th. Yeap, its a pretty long kiew. Of course, while waiting, we took some pictures of how cool we all looked. XP

Suilun being a Jay Chou wannabee..

Me and Vanessa~ X)

Me, Vanessa and Suilun.

The BISDS Cheerleading squad!! XD

First up, our junior soloist. Yes, Suilun is HOLDING HER HANDS!! XD (scandal)

Cute issit she? Shes only 7!! XD Great voice..

We are all cheering for her at the bottom of the stage. Yeap, HUGE CROWD! XP

After the Junior solo category.. Its Junior group category time!! More waiting.. of course, more pictures.. XP

The two musicians are starting to be impatient.. XD

Its time for me and the guitar to get into action!! XD

Yeap, Dex's cool and awesome guitar. XP

The time has come.. time to go on stage and have FUN!!

Me and Suilun getting ready to perform..

Hehehe.. Yeng leh.. XP XP XP

The the BISDS Junior team!! XD

The only boy in the whole junior team. XD He was rapping~

I can feel that the performance was great.. really.. I feel goosebumps while performing. XP I can feel the aura that everyone enjoyed our performance..

Once all the performance from all the students.. we have to wait for the judge to decide whose the winner. At the mean time.. We have Igems performing on the stage. (YAY!! One of my favourite buddhist singing group!!)

After the awesome performance by Igems, its time for the results..

Lets keep all the tension and go straight to the results..

Sadly our Junior soloist didnt win anything.. but..

The junior group team won second place!! 8D

It was great that our junior team won something..

But still it still too early to be happy.. We still have a even difficult and challenging competition tomorrow.. We are not facing kids anymore.. we are facing teenagers which can be very creative and very very interesting.. The judges are not as easy going like the one for juniors as well.. Tension rise high..

I was still nervous even after the result is out.. why? Cause im play SOLO for tomorrow senior's solo. Well of course playing it strumming wouldnt be a problem but this time I have to pluck for the WHOLE SONG!! D8 Thats something that i really didnt try before!! One small mistake will cost a whole lot of points. I was facing pressure..

Of course, after competition and winning something.. theres definately celebration.. XP Me, Zhen Whei, Qi Wei, YeangWei, Victor, Justin and Sze Hao went to McD and celebrate.

Zhen Whei, Victor and Justin wanted to eat something spicy but too bad they have to keep their voice for the next day. Therefore, they cant eat. XP They have to look at the other few of our facing eating all the awesome spicy food. XD

Then Justin fetch me and Victor back to his place. Yes, Im sleep over at his place. XP Then, we decided to have a little prank on YanLeng. XP we bluff her that Justin lost his voice due to eating double spicy chicken McDeluxe. XD

Finally.. all of us got tired.. So we head to bed..

Next day was our big day..

To Be Continue...