Sunday, September 26, 2010

We Could Be Happy Cover

Any idea who sang this song? XP Watch this video and you will know. XP Make sure that you watch until the end of the whole video as I have a credit section and also blooper. XP

Hows my video editing skills? Pretty amazing eh for the first time? (NO..)

Like i said in the end of the video. The person who wrote this song is called Eriel. I think i mention before in one of my video cover's blog post. She was the girl who inspired me to do the cover of 'Brick by Boring Brick'. Remember? XP

Seems that Eriel has the talent to write songs as well. And the songs that she wrote are pretty amazing.. but among all i like this song the most cause its like more related to me. XP Its easy, meaningful and awesome.. what else can i say? Im running out of praise phrase. XD

I sorta change the chords for the song.. the chords/keys/tabs sounds different from Eriel's one. I change it because i cant figure out her chords.. (if u watched her video before, u cant really see the positions from her hands. XP) secondly, is because i cant reach her pitch.

To be honest.. i think my voice spoiled everything.. DX

Anyways.. I hope you guys like this cover. Be sure to download the real original song from her in Itunes if you want to.

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More video cover are going to be update in my blog soon. Video covers ft. Nicole. You guys remember her right? XD