Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello? Thats it? Thats all i got!? D8

Wow.. im really starting to losing ideas for my blog title.. its not because im becoming stupid or anything. (or mayb I am) but is because there is just nothing much to write about. Yes, the past 2 days was pretty darn boring..

College has begin for its second week, im still not really enjoying the 2nd week of this semester. Its not because im not having fun in class. (you got to be kidding me..) Okay, mayb just a little bit.. but still its because of the subjects that Im taking this semester.

This semester im taking Business, Visual Basics, C-Programming and Statistics. And which is the subject I love the most? To be really really honest, I like Stats the most. No kidding! I swear!!

Everyone in my college hated stats, well i mean my seniors la, i dunno abt my intakes. Well, really im pretty much enjoying my stats class. The reason is definately NOT because of the lecturer. Shes pretty dull and i believe everyone agrees with me. XP Part of the reason that I like the class is because of my classmates. Pretty awesome classmates. XP

Besides the fact that the class is noisy, another reason why I liked stats is also because its maths. NOT ADD-MATHS but Mod-Maths. I just like numbers but not complicated numbers.. mayb thats why I like the subject so much. XP Believe it or not i spend my Raya Breaks flipping through the books! D8 (I cant believe it myself.. XP)

Coming from the genes of a maths teacher.. I guess its very very normal.. (I said I guess.. XP) Well, my dad loves maths too! So, i think its like pro + pro = PRO-er kind of thing. I dont even know what am I talking abt.. (yeap, im losing it.)

Alright how about gaming? Of course I did some gaming la. If i dont game, ur probably reading the wrong person's blog. XD

Birth By Sleep US is finally out!! 8D In japan ver the game was out late.. but in US ver the game was out waaaaaaaaaaaaayy early!! September 10th become August 3rd! XD Yes, i got the game from Wan Zhan and started playing already. Finished Terra's story and now proabably 55% storyline of Ven's. XP Playing this game for the 3rd time.. still doesnt bores me. XD

Besides playing BBS, i have started playing online games again. Yes, i know it more a waste of time than playing any other console games but i was really really bored playing games alone. So i invited my college friends to play alittle bit of online game! XP

Heroes of Three Kingdom

Thats, the name of the online game. XP Its about chinese warlords and everything.. (do ur imaginations..) Of course, who wouldnt agree that chinese warlords have awesome looking weapons and skills. XP Plus, the effect of the game is not half bad! XP

The game play of this game is something like RO.

Press on monster >> character goes attack >> press some buttons and cast some skills >>monster dies >> click item to pick up.

Heres what I think of the game la.. Lets start with the good points.

1. Awesome looking armor and effects.
2. Fast HP, Power and Chi regeneration.
3. The game doesnt really require any MP to do skills.
4. You dont have to do some job change quest like other online game.
5. Weapon/Armor upgrading is super easy, doesnt require any materials.

Okay, thats really all i can think of abt the positive. Heres the negative.

1. It requires alot of travelling.. as in ALOT!!
2. The game lvling system is kinda annoying..
3. The character's skills are kinda annoying as well.
4. Lack of skills for each character.
5. SUPER slow walking speed.
6. Have very very little storage space.
7. Creep's EXPs are Urber LOW!!

Yeah more negative than positive eh? To be really honest, this is not a very good MMORPG to play if u dont have patience. If i would rate, i will rate it..


Everything about this game requires EXPs, no EXP means Why is EXP so important in this game let me tell u guys.

1. To upgrade ur class level - Like RO, you have personal level and job level. But in RO, both of them gain exp at the same time. But in HOTK, you need to scarfice ur own EXPs to upgrade ur job. And the job doesnt requires little.. its cost alot!! Sometimes even 45% of ur total exp to level up!! This is like the most annoying part of the game.

2. To upgrade weapon - Yeah, you dont need materials to upgrade. But you need EXPs to upgrade!! Well not very much I have to say.. only around 5~10% of ur total EXPs. Not really an big issues.

3. To level up of course- Like any other game, leveling is like the most important thing. If you dont level up, you cant wear certain equipments, you cant learn skills, you cant upgrade class. Really really annoying..

Long story short, If you have no patience then dont play this game.

I have played better chinese warlord games. World of Kung-Fu is a good one but sadly.. its shut down due to some reason which i dunno. X(

Okay.. I have been talking too much abt games... Guess thats enuf about this post..

Yeah, just here to drop by and say 'Hello'. XP