Saturday, September 18, 2010

The New Hidden Bosses

Im actually sorta like turning back to a gamer.. well not 100% gamer that would just make me sound like a geek. (or mayb I am already a geek.)

Its been awhile ever since I make a post about games.. guess now is the best time. XD I have my reasons.. This is all because of Kingdom Hearts!! My all time favourite game! XD

I have been playing BBS english again.. Playing the game over again is really nothing to me. There is nothing challenging.. except, the hidden bosses of the game. Last time in Japanese there is only one hidden boss. The boss is hard and u have sucky rewards.

Vanitas Sentimental. His not so much of a different from the original Vanitas but his attack are urber painful and he has some new strong skills that the normal vanitas doesnt have.

How to unlock? Simple. Finish all 3 characters. Unlock the Final Episode of the game and finish it. Then, load any of your 3 character's save date file.Visit the keyblade graveyard again but choose the new area. Walk forward, prepare yourself to fight vanitas sentimental.

The boss only has one bar of HP. But its has urber lots of dodging skills and its defense is SUPER HIGH. You need to be at least lvl40+ to win this boss. Among 3 users, Ventus is the easiest to win this boss. Follow by Aqua and lastly Terra.

Square-Enix notice the bad responds from the gamers due to that problem. So they decided to change the system for the english version. They make the boss less harder and also defeat the boss gives gamers a great reward which is a new keyblade.

Void Gear. Its slight strong that Ultima Weapon in terms of strength but its still weaker in terms of magics. Overall a good keyblade for people who dont have UltimaWeapon yet. XP

To be honest, thats not the real thing that im really excited about playing english version. I beat that matar farker in japanese version. XP Whats really making me excited about playing English version is that they added and NEW secret boss which is WAAAAAY harder than the last one.

They call it the mysterious figure. Now, for those of you who played KH2. You guys should know that this is a guy who looks like one of the people in organization 13. Well, you guys are wrong.. this one is waaaay different.

How to unlock? Simple.. Defeat Vanitas sentimental. After that, go and revist the Land of Departure. (the first place of the game.) Before visiting the world, prepare yourself with everyone and then go in and fight.

This mysterious figure just appears from no where..

Stares at you for a moment.. and then..

Summons his weapons!!

For noooo apparent reason, just fight with you!

This is no oridinary boss.. unlike vanitas sentimental. If your lvl99, you can beat him easy. (the hard part is the lvling part.) but this boss. No matter what lvl your character is, chances of dying is still damm high. Winning this farker needs skills, experience and of course, luck.

His weapon and extend and become a whip shape like sword!!

He can summon meteor..

He can summons lots of laser balls to shoot you..

and He can instantly kill you in 4secs if you dont mash 'X' button fast enough.

Seriously, i almost gave up on this boss cause its too farking hard!! Cant believe that there are actually people who can defeat him in critical mode!! Im playing standard mode and I already have a tough time fighthing him! DX Easiest character to win this boss is again using Ventus. Follow by Aqua and Terra.

Even the article says that this would be the hardest boss that Kingdom Hearts series has ever made. The game developers says that out of 27 of their member in Square-Enix company that tried this boss. Only 5~8 of them manage to win this boss. To win is either bet your skills and luck or just play cheat. (no kidding, true stories!!!)

But guess what? After around 50~80+ rounds of battling this boss. I manage to win it!! 8D You will receive another new keyblade weapon as a reward of defeating this boss. Having this weapon will prove that you have won the boss before.

The weapon is called No Name. This slight weaker than UltimaWeapon in terms of attack but its stronger than UltimaWeapon in terms of weapon.

Guess who did I used to beat him??

Yes, believe it or not, I used Terra to defeat him!! One of the hardest character in the game to defeat him. Why is that so? Cause Terra's attack is the slowest among all 3 characters in the game, and Terra's dash has a long delay time which make him pretty much vulnerable. The only advantage about Terra is his urber strong attacks. I have to make my Terra lvl66 to defeat him. Believe me! Its not easy..

Many people suspect/assume that this boss might be the lingering sentimental of Xehanort. Or it is one of the new members of organization 13 in KH3 which time traveled back into the pass to challenge the Keyblade wielders.

The last assumption could be possibly true.. cause when you are fighthing the boss, the boss has the ability to turn back time and counter your attacks. No Kidding!! Try to use normal attacks to the boss! After 2~3 hits or more, the boss will suddenly stop time reverse his HP to the last that you hit him and counters your attack as well.

Yes, after defeat this boss. If you wanna excited yourself again, you can revisit the world and fight this matar farker. XD Im done with Terra's part. Now Im left with Ventus and Aqua. They should be easier la.. (I least I hope so la..)

Back to gaming~ Nyahaha~~

I repeat.. I AM NOT LIFELESS!!!

I still talk.. talk alot.. XD