Monday, September 6, 2010

Misery Business Cover ft. Nicole

Yeap, another youtube video cover.. I was played and made by me but this time.. its not sang by me. XP Everyone, meet Nicole..

Nicole is a college friend of mine. I know her through Alex. (I know both at the same time. XP) We sorta joined music club together.. That time i heard her sang, and she has a pretty amazing voice. Coincidencely, both of us stopped music club for sort of the same reason. XP

I heard that she was pretty big fan of Paramore, at the same time.. I was decided to make a paramore cover and so i think shes the prefect one to be the singer. I facebook-ed her walah!! She agreed to sing that song for me.

We meet up on friday and spend 4 hours on this one particular song. (no kidding) We did do other song covers but our main focus is this song because we both like this song as well. XP

Believe it or not.. we made almost 15+ video covers of this particular song!! And among all the 15 videos.. this is the best one that we can get. Sure it has some mistake.. but this is really a difficult song for both of us. (Reminder.. Paramore~ Haley Williams~ XD)


This is her first cover on youtube and also the first time working with me. I will be playing more songs with her from now onwards.

Yes, there are bloopers.. Hope you guys liked it. XP Yes, I just started learning how to us movie maker.. and Yes, im the one who edit the video. X)

I hope you guys liked the cover..

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