Sunday, September 19, 2010

A day at Saiful's and the Night at Alex's

Its was the day right after orientation night, Back to School. (read the previous post to know how the whole event went.) I actually wanted to just stay at home and sleep until the next morning. But this week I have plans.. LOTS of plans.. XD

Usually I dont really have any plans on saturdays.. what i mostly do is wake up early go help my dad for the morning market or just stay at home refreshing my facebook page or even playing PSP. Thats all..

At first, i was invited to Justin's celebrating BISDS Nalanda Competition (come to think of it i havent do a part 2 of that post! D8 remind me!!) but to bad the event was cancel. Then I was invited to Saiful's Hari Raya open house and follow by Alex's pre-birthday celebration.

Saiful's open house begins round the afternoon till the evening and Alex's celebration is from the evening till the night.

Let's begin with Saiful's open house. Thanks to Vania and Benjamin, I have my transportation going to his house. XP The people who went are.. Me, Vania, Benjamin, Desmond, WaiSin, Esther, XiauWei, Alex, Max, Nick, Daniel, Corliss, Ysabelle, Fiona, WaiKeong, Jagshey, Aaron, Naomi, John and some Saiful's primary and high school friends. XP

Its a long day there.. so i'll write down the funny incident only.

Me, Jag, Nick, Max, Aaron, Daniel and John are in Saiful's room feeling the air-con. John found a few of Saiful's BB guns. Jag and Max are trying to snatch one of the most painful gun. Both of them move here move there, pushing each other's hands away. Then suddenly, Jag accidentally pulls the trigger (no one knew that the gun was loaded) and accidentally shot Nick right at his right legs!

Nick shout loudly in pain. From his looks we can tell that his not acting.. Its was painfully funny.. XD Then, Nick got angry and snatch the gun away from Max and shot Jag twice. The funny part is Jag shouted like a girl.. XD

John got the gun started taking control of the room. Everyone was damm scared of him.. well not actually him, we are actually just afaird of the gun. XD Everyone started covering themselves with pillows blanket. Some of us are on the floor crawling away from him. Jag ran out of the room.

Nick found himself another BB gun.. It was not as painful as the one that John is holding but still to defend himself he hold on to it. Then, the war started.. John and Nick started shooting each other.. Sadly, Nick got shot at the stomach this time. XD Jag was still running away.. XP

Whoever who is holding the BB gun started to misused the power. We started pointing and people and start asking them stupid question like. "Whose more handsome, me or you!?" or "Say your a girl! Say your a girl!". XD Because of the gun, the victims are forced to say something they dont want to say. XD Jag again screamed like a girl. XD

All of us grew tired of the game.. so we all head to the living room, sat down and chill right there. After just 10mins of sitting, all of us grew bored again..

Nick the suggested this lame ass game.. the rules are simple.. Whoever stands up first, lose. The loser will get whack by everyone who are involved in the game. If one person stands one, get whack.. everyone will be safe. But the problem is.. whose gonna stand up first? XD

The people who are involved in the game are Me, Nick, Max, Alex, Faris, Corliss, Aaron, Jagshey and Daniel. All of us sat down there like idiots cant move here and move there. We are telling each other to stand up and do things or something, it was pretty darn funny. XD The only one who was relaxing was Alex cause his holdin my PSP. Dammit.. XD

Some of us got tired of the game and wanted to leave already but the problem is.. if they stand up they will get whack. XD So, we start thinking of plans to get away without getting whack..

John walked passed us holding the BB gun in his hands.. then Aaron asked John to borrow him the gun.. He first check whether the gun is loaded with bullets or not.. Then.. He suddenly stands up and point the gun at us!! He went "Dont move ah!? Or i'll shoot!!", the funny part is no one dare to punch him cause his holding the gun! XD

Corliss gave up on the game and stand up but no one dare to whack her too. Its either cause shes too fierce or mayb because she our boss or something. XD Max manage to run away too with the help of the gun.. but John wasnt the one who gave him the gun, Saiful did. Well its because Saiful didnt know what we all were playing. XD

Nick got fed up with the game as well.. So he mange to figure out a 'plan' for his escape. He grabs the cup of coke on the table and then stands up and shouted "Dont come near me or I'll splash this water on you all!". Sadly, his plan failed terriblely.. We all knew that he wont splash the water in someone's house or else it would cause a mess. So we all stood up ran after him.

Of course Nick have a backup plan for his escape. He ran out the door and U-turn to another small door which is linked to the house. To be honest, it was a good plan cause he can run really fast and if he can manage to make it to the door and shuts it before we reach him, we will have to turn one big round to catch him back and by that time he would probably be somewhere safer already. Good plan eh?

Nick ran all the way.. U-turn.. Head towards the door and opens it.. but sadly.. the door was LOCKED!! XD So we all manage to whack the shyt out of him. Thanks to him, the game is over and the other we're safe. XP

And so that was the funniet part of for the open house. XP There are many funny and memorable incident during that open house like..

1. Making fun of the cat's tail.
2. Seeing Faris molesting the cat.
3. Belle trying to shoot a huge truck but epic failed.
4. Belle being pokerfaced.
5. Asking Naomi to guess my full name.
6. Watching urber awesome playes playing COD.
7. Seeing Saiful shooting Pussy face.
8. Making fun of Desmond's height and the cat's size.

Alright now on to the next event! Alex's pre-birthday celebration. (picture credits goes to: Evelyn)

After waiting for Corliss at her place getting ready for the night, she drove me to curve for Alex's pre-birthday celebration. Place? Italianise. (dunno how to spell la)

At the same time, Bunkface was there performing. They are good but the crowd sucks.. no jumping, no cheering, theres not even clapping in the crowd. WTF!? DX

Head to Italianise and met a few of Alex's old friends. Eevern, Evelyn, Adrian and Nicole. Well most of us already knew Nicole through the orientation night. XP

Me and Corliss. Wow.. DSL quality. XD

And on my right are the other douches. XD Daniel, Max, Nick and Faris.

Alex and his old friends. Eevern, Evelyn, Alex, Nicole and the person is taking the photo was Adrian. XP

We all sat down, ate, talk/chat. I sat and listen to the stories about how Alex met each of his friends and how his friends met the others. I like to listen to stories like that.. it reminds me how i met my first best friends. X)

What really kept we wonder through out the night is a funny story known as the 'Soup Story' which is strongly related to Evelyn. o.O In order to listen to the story, I have to hang out with all of them at least 5 times to only hear that story. That story better be good.. XD

Then the cake came and everyone sang the Happy Birthday Song. We sang all 3 languages of the song. English, BM and Chinese. XP

Both of the legal man. Eevern's B'day is just few days before Alex's.

After that we all head to the pub and have a few drinks. I didnt drink cause.. I dont want to. XD But still i sat there and enjoy the music. XP

Alex and his blue alchohol drink.

Daniel, Me, Max, Nick and Alex.

After drink its time for all of us to head home. Before that, we all have a final group picture among our own friends.

Adrian, Evelyn, Alex, Nicole and Eevern. Alex's old friends..

Max, Nick, Alex, Daniel and Me. Alex's HMC friends.

The Day ended beutifully.. Thanks to Nick, I found my transportation home. X)

Great Day.. It was the day I use Terra to defeat the Mysterious Figure, meet some awesome new friends, and Nick got the signature of all the members of Bunkface. XP

Went home.. played a little bit of Fiesta, Used Ventus and try and fight the mysterious figure and then head to bed. X)