Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Project 'When 10 Songs Meet'

Have you guys heard of 'When 10 Songs Meet'? Its a very interesting song..

'When 10 Songs Meet' is a mash up of 10 songs all together. It all begin with a small mash up song guidance called 'How Six Songs Collide'. After that, that person who wrote the song made some slight changes and turns it into a 10 songs mash up.

Who wrote that song? Me!! XD

Okay, not really only me la. I have help from my friends. One of them is Justin. XP

Yeah, really 'When 10 Songs Meet' is a mash up which is made by me. To be honest, its really simple. Its not as hard as u think it is.. All i did was flip through my song chord book and see what song have the same chords and just throw it in. Even if they dont have the same chords but they sound nice, I will transpose them into the chord that i want.. XP

I think the hardest part of making this song is to memorize all the lyrics of each song. Thats the annoying part. But once u get the hang out it, it shouldnt be a problem with the song.

Have you guys heard it before? If you never, go to my youtube channel and find it.

Go to youtube, type 'MIngzNYui' and click search. Thats my youtube account name. Then go look for the song 'when 10 songs meets' and walah. XP

I find that 'When 10 Songs Meet' is the song which I am most proud of. Sure, its not really 100% original from me.. but still, receiving great comments form both facebook and youtube users, really made me feel proud that i made this song.

KaiShin: Among all your songs, I like 'When 10 Songs Meet' the most. X)

Thank you, KaiShin. XP

Alright, why am i suddenly bringing up this song again?

Since I have been working on IT subjects and also movie makers these days.. I decided to remake this mash up of mine. But this time, im going to do a little bit of changes.

Im going to look for 9 singers/vocalist to sing this song with me. Well, obvious Nicole is going to be one of them as well.. therefore, im going to look for another 8 more. XP Once i got 8 people, im going to split each one of them into their own parts of the song.. Therefore, i'll be needing 10 video cameras to do so.

Next, when i collected all the video records of the singers singing their own part, i will find other musicians to help me to put in more instrumental musics inside. Therefore, instead of having only a guitar playing for the entire song, I will have piano (Suilun), Violin (Nathanael), Beatboxer (???) and many more..

Lastly, i will fuse all the sounds and musics all together and turn it into a video and mp3 file. Then its going to youtube or facebook or either both ways. XP

Im trying make this thing BIG!! Sure its requires lots of planning and everything.. but seriously.. I have most of it planned in my head.. How am i gonna fuse all the musics? how am i suppose to get 10 video cameras? how am i going to get everyone's tempo the same? how to split this and that? everything is all in my head. XP

I call this..

Project 'When 10 Songs Meet'

Interested in helping? Well come and find me or gimme a call or something.. I'll see how things will go. XP Yes, im very picky with my singers and musicians and the people that im working with. XP

Lets hope that this wont be like the previous ambitious things which i planned to do but turns out didnt do..

That is why im making this post to remind myself. XP