Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3rd Sem Episode 1

Episode 1?? does that mean im going to make like a series for my 3rd semester? Nah.. you all wish la! XD

Episode 1 = Day 1

Its just a little something to make things sounds more interesting.. XP

After all the holidays.. Its finally time to head back to college..

To be honest.. Im pretty excited.. Altough I have to stay for another semester in HELP but really.. im pretty excited and im pretty pumped up to study! XD (this only last for a week only..)

Wednesday.. And guess what? I have the exact same time class like i had for my 2nd semester! My class starts at 2pm! (again!!!) Well its not a bad thing.. I have social meeting at 12.30pm so yeah~

I reach campus around 10am today. Walk around the corridoor to find some of my friends who I have not been seeing for 2 weeks. (well most of them la.. XP) Met with Max and Ivan around the corridoor and found Ivan with his new 'toy'. The Ipad. XP

After that both of them have to head to class early. Surprise? its very normal.. they both wanna make a good first impression to their new lecturer. XD So, I hang around teman-ing ZhenPei, HuiJin, WanJia, Li Huey and Evelyn. Talk and Laughed.

Time flew and its time for social sphere meeting.. Not gonna expose anything!! Its private and confidential!! XD But have fun discussing about stuffs and there are new members too! Weeeee~ 8D

When the meeting ended.. We all head to our own respective classes.

My first/one and only class of the day is Business Principles. From what I've heard from Max and Ivan who took it last semester, they said that Business is damm nice but you need to have the interest in learning it.

My business class is a pretty big crowd of class.. whats really interesting is most of my friends are all in the same class. Around 45% of the people in the class are people that i know.. XP Nick, Faris, KahYee, Steffanie, Jason, Daniel, ZhenPei, Li Huey, John Khor, Haley and a few more.. all of them are in my class. Pretty screwed up eh? XD

Business class was pretty interesting.. the lecture gave me a pretty good first impression. ZhenPei and I are interest in his accent.. XD

We had a little bit of ice breaking activity for our first class.. Its was really interesting.. thanks to that ice breaking activity, we now know each other's ability, strength and weaknesses which was part of the objective of the activity.

Class ended pretty late for a first day of class.. but who cares!! After class its time to lepak!! XD Head to Ali Maju and makan with Nick, Max and Daniel. Then, thanks to Daniel I save time, 2 bucks and had a good ride home. XP

Daniel's father talked to me about my future job which probably, computer games/games development. He seems pretty experience in such kind of thing.. so i took a few tips from him. XP Great help uncle.. Great Help. X)

End of Episode 1/Day 1



Yeah, our first picture together. XP