Saturday, September 11, 2010

Funny Brother

Okay.. mayb some of u dunno or more appropriate is.. mayb some of u forgotten! XD Yes, I have a brother. No, his elder than me. Yes, im the youngest among the family. No, im TALLER and the TALLEST! XD

Heres how my brother looked like..

Okay, i was wrong.. Heres how my brother's hair looked like. XD

No, im not gonna expose his picture here.. XP

My brother is the one who gave me my urber glamour name. Klex. Its really a random name or shud I say more like a name that doesnt really exist. XD How did he figure out that name? I have totally nooooo idea..

Well, mayb because his a funny guy. Not those like make jokes and laugh or something kind of funny. His more like SMART and funny. The things that he say are funny and it makes sense! XD Something like Russel Peters.

Just few days ago.. something funny happened.

That day, me and my family had lunch with my uncle and his family. My brother was sitting beside one of my cute little cousin. So, heres what happened.

My brother start helping my cousin to take food and put it on his plate. And so i said this.. (PS: Im was not jealous!! XD)

Me: Help other people take but dont help ur own brother to take la? XD

*my brother gave me a 1 second stare and then said...*

Brother: You got long hands la stupid!!!

*the whole table started laughing at his jokes*

Okay.. heres another one..

Both of us are talking in our rooms. Then I said something sooo lame that he sorta got pissed or got fed up.. i dunno whats the word.. Its like u know, when someone says something lame u will do the 'L' sign with ur hand. He didnt do the 'L' sign thing.. he said this..

Brother: You lucky that I choose not to punch u wei! XD

Me: Why wont you? I though t u like it?

Brother: Cause if I wanna, I'll punch u sooo hard that u will die. XP

Me: Wouldnt that make u happy? o.O

Brother: No! I dont want to be the only son!

Okay.. mayb that last one wasnt funny to you guys. But it does sound freaking funny to me!! XD

Its nice to have a funny elder brother like him to be in my life. We do have a very sad and hateful history in the past.. but thank god that he starts showing respects to me now. X)

I said it before.. and I shall say it again..

Great Brother. X)