Monday, September 27, 2010


Today I had business class again..

Business class are getting more and more interesting. Maybe cause the class is starting to get along and discussion session are getting more and more louder.

Well, louder in terms of people start to open their mouth more often.

Well, open their mouth more often is not terms of yawning, its in terms of talking more.

Well, talking more is not in terms of making noise, its in terms of having more discussion.

Walah~ Made one big round just to explain the whole damm thing. XD

I bet Mr.Gobi is starting to enjoy the class too. And of course, his counting on Daniel which is the star student in the class to help him get the discussion going. XP I am Daniel's manage/adviser. What do i do? Stop him from talking to much. XD

Anyways, we had an interesting topic today which is something to do with Entrepreneurs. I dunno whether other people think that its interesting but I find it interesting. XP

Me and Daniel then discuss what kind of Entrepreneurs we are. There are four kinds of entrepreneurs. Lifestyle, micropreneurs, growth and intrapreneurs.

Daniel thinks that his more like a growth entrepreneurs. And i think Im more like a intrapreneurs. Even Mr.Gobi said so. XP

Intrpreneurs uses their creativity to help to change the world. Why do i think im that kind of person? Well, simple, cause I want to change the world but not with business but with musics. XP Yeah, its a pretty lame thing to say since its coming from me.

Mr.Gobi sorta knew that i was interested in making music covers since i like to voice out my suggestions during business which is fairly related to musics. Plus, i usually bring my guitar to campus on friday which is also the day for business class well..

I remember asking Daniel something stupid.. XP

Me: Wow.. He knows that im interested in such thing!?

Daniel: Yeah, i think sooo..

Me: But how does he know!? D8

*Daniel gave me a short 2~3 second stare..*

Daniel: Errrr.. cause you always bring your guitar into class?? XD

Yeah, Daniel was smarter than me.. BUT only in business class. XP

Then, Mr.Gobi start giving me (not only me la, but tot he whole class) ways and hints on how to make business successful with musics. He showed us an example which is Jay-Z. Apparently his a growth entrepreneurs which is totally not my type.

Thanks to Mr.Gobi's class, hints and motivations.. I am now more inspired to do more and more covers. Not to say that i wasnt inspired last time, but just that im more inspired now. XP

Who knows? Mayb and just MAYB i might be one of them who earns money with music.

IT subjects can also help me out with that kind of business as i can know how to edit codes or design my music videos nicer or something? Or mayb i can develop some sort of application or software that can help me create or reformat my videos easily? Who knows? XP

Well, I do get motivated very easy.. I actually have TONS of dreams that I want to achieve. (There is sooo many that you cant even count it with your 10 fingers. XD) but sometimes.. i dont plan to do it as well.. pretty weird huh? XP

But there is one thing that i really wish to do/learn right now..

Who wanna learn Weng Chun with me? XD