Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gives You Hell + I'll Remember You cover ft.Nicole

Hey guys, you guys remember Nicole? Yeah, we another 2 more covers together last week XP

This time we made 'Gives You Hell' by AAR and also 'I'll Remember You' by YUI.

To be honest, both covers are waaaaaay easier than the first one which is 'Misery Business'. Mayb its because its a lower key than the songs that we are doing. Plus, Nicole is more comfortable with lower key songs.. She sounds better too. Less stress. XP

Now lets cut the talks and head straight to the videos shall we? XP

'Gives you hell' is definately waaaaay easier than 'Misery Business'. The key of the songs is very comfortable. Even I can sing that song. XP Plus, it will sound pretty interesting if its sang by a girl. The chords of this songs are easy and I dont really have to play it as hardcore as the previous one. XD

But of course, during the cover shooting we did make some mistakes. All are minor mistakes except one. Did you guys watch the bloopers? Well you better watch.. its funny.. XP

Next, is 'I'll Remember You'. Yeah, its a japanese song and it made right after 'Gives You Hell'.

At first, we never thought of making this cover. We were about to make other cover like 'Just the Way you Are' or 'Pokerface' or some other song until.. Nicole opened my chord book and found some YUI songs. Turns out, she was a YUI fan as well. (Actually she told me before, just that i forgot about it. XP) Therefore, we made this cover.. XP

So what you do think of her japanese accent? I think its pretty good.. XD and guess what? It took us like only 2 tries to make this cover. All minor mistakes, therefore no bloopers. XP

Alright thats all for last week.. mayb next week we will have another few more videos to be uploaded. XP

Before I end this post I would like to say a few things..

Me and on behalf of Nicole, I would like to thank everyone of you for ALL of your support. I have been receiving GREAT comments in facebook. I've receive 17 LIKES in only 8 hours! For a first timer, thats great! Its a double digit number! XD

Ever since those great comments are coming in, Nicole has been doing great. She has more confidence in her singing, she can hear and recognize timings better and she starts moving around when she sings which is good. She can sing in public and not feeling shy about it. XD

I hope that you guys can stay along and support us. If you guys have any other suggestion like you want us to make a song request, leave a comment in the facebook, in youtube or in my blog. We will try and fullfill your request. XP

Thank You all Again!!
You guys are the BEST!! X)