Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lazy Updates

Sorry guess, I havent been blogging much lately.. Im pretty much slacking away these days.. DX But like i always say.. I have my reason. XP

Part of the reason that im not have updating is definately because im Lazy.. XP Everyone knows that im lazy.. Besides that, nothing really interesting happened in life. Yeah sure, funny things always happens in college and everything. XP But still, the real reasons is because im lazy to blog about it.

Another reason is because college quiz are coming.. the subjects that Im taking this semester is definately not my kind of A games.. I need to study for it.. Imagine that you have to write codes for calculator with ur hands!! Yes, not with the keyboard but with your hands!! DX Its definately not easy. Thanks to quiz.. I dont really have the time for sunday school or PSP anymore.

Well of course I'll still make some time for my PSPs and games.. XP Birth By Sleep is over.. Defeated the Mysterious Figure will all 3 characters and finish the arena but still no UltimaWeapon. Lazy to get. (see I even get lazy with games!!)

I have been playing Fiesta online.. but its just no fun without my friends playing it together with me. Dex, Mandy and Esther are playing it with me. Sooner or later, Daniel and Belle are going to join us as well. XP LETS ALL PLAY!!!

Yeah, i have been making covers. With me, myself and Nicole. XP It seems like alot of people are starting to enjoy Nicole voice. Thanks to you guys, she have more courage to sing in publice now. X) Well of course, she has an amazing voice.. just a little bit more practises and she'll be famous one day. XP

Videos are going to be up on youtube soon. Make sure you guys LIKE it. XP

I think thats all for now.. I'll try and make more updates soon. XP