Saturday, October 9, 2010

Misery Business Cover ft. Nicole REMAKE

I wrote a huge REMAKE word on the title of the blog post.. so i repeat.. this is a REMAKE cover of Misery Business. XP

Why? Simple.. Nicole just wants to remake it cause she said that she can do better than last time. And I have to say.. she did mean what she said. XP

Less talk to lets get on with the video.

Can u tell the difference of her previous Misery Business cover and this one? I can. Let me list out the few things which is different from the previous one. XP

1. its very obvious that there are lesser sound cracks.
2. timing is better than the previous one.
3. shes moving alot which means shes enjoying it.
4. slightly better video quality.
5. lesser off keys.

Yeah, these improve are mainly because of Nicole. Of course its also because of anyone who have LIKE or seen or support her. XP

Shes been improving very very quickly and of course, without anyone of your support, she wouldnt improve that fast. X) Thank you all soooo much for supporting!!

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