Friday, October 15, 2010

Helping a Blind Girl

One day.. I was in a packed bus about 5.30pm. Yeap, after 5.30pm your chances of getting into a empty bus is pretty slim and chances of getting squeeze is very very high. Maybe thats why im so skinny! XD

Haha.. just kidding.. lets get back to the topic.. XP

One day.. I was in a packed bus about 5.30pm.. luckily.. I manage to catch up an empty bus which is not really packed. I mange to get seats in the bus, there was very limited seats but luckily i manage get a sit.

I was sitting beside this girl.. to be honest, she was pretty.. but thats not exactly the reason that I sat beside her. (Okay.. mayb it sorta is.. but just hear me out okay? XD)

Then this girl suddenly touched me and asked.. 'Excuse me, is this the flower pot station?'.

At first, I was wondering.. what kind of station is called the flower pot station??

Then she continues asking 'The station near tropicana city. *smiles*".

Then only I knew which station she was talking about. XD Its the exactly same station that im dropping off. Why issit called the flower pot station? Cause behide the station, they are selling flower pots. XD

I started wondering.. Why cant she just see the station for herself? And so, I noticed that she was not staring at me when she was asking the question, she have grey-ish white pupils and shes holding a stick. Then only I know.. shes a blind girl. I was not being very noticable at all. XP

I answered her question "No, not yet but you are almost there."

Then the conversation continues..

Blind Girl: "Owh okay.. Would you mind telling me when we are at that station?"

Me: "Yeah, sure. No problem.. Im stopping at that station too anyways."

Blind Girl: "Thank you very much *smiles again*"

After that.. it was a long and silent journey. I think because shes shy.. or maybe she thinks that im a bad person. Well, I cant blame her. Suddenly one strangely nice dude sit beside you suddenly offers his help to help you. I would feel very uncomfortable as well. Plus, shes blind.. she probably cant tell what age, what size or what type of person I am..

When we are about to reach out station, I quickly told the girl that we are reaching already.

The bus was pretty damm packed with FAT people and the blind girl was struggling to get out from the bus. The fat people in the bus are not even moving or making way for the blind girl to move! They busy trying to snatch the seat which I and the blind girl was sitting on! D8 (No offense but most of them are fat malay women.)

I was sorta pissed cause I was also trying to get out from the bus but still none of them move!! If i have a chance, i would definate shout or punch those SOABs to move their asses and make way for at least the girl. Still.. I gotta control my anger and emotions..

What my main concern was still the blind girl. So, i have act and do something to help her out. I hold her hands and guide her out of the bus. I ask other people to make way for both of us to get out. Thankfully, there were still people who are not heartless.. They made some spaces for us to leave the bus. (God Bless them..)

As soon as I left the bus along with the blind girl. I quickly apologize to her for holding her hands. Thankfully, she was okay with it and she thanked me for helping her out.

She said that she have wait for her transporter on that spot and she asked me to go home and dont wait for her. It will be pretty dangerous for a blind girl sitting at a bus station alone, so i decided to stay back and wait with her for her transporter.

While waiting, both of us finally have a little conversation among ourselves. I finally get to know her name, Abie. (Should be something like that..) She lives some at Puchong and shes went to Pusat Bandar to take her new passport. Other than that, shes asked stuffs about me like what my name.. why the name Klex? XD

After 20~30mins of long talk, she receives a phone call and I heard her say 'Oh, your reaching already?'. Thats means, her transporter is about to arrived. She ask me to go home first but again i insist of going home yet until her transporter arrives.

Another 3~5mins, her transport arrived. The person driving was a young man.. If im not wrong is probably her boy friend, brother or her own driver or something. XD He seems like a nice guy, he came down from the car thanking me for helping Abie out. Then he slowly guide her back into the car..

Before she left she thanked me again for whatever that I've done and waved good bye.

After seeing her entered the car.. I felt happy.. happy that I've made someone happy.. Its not really because shes pretty (or mayb it is) but it because shes blind and she needed help. I smiled at myself and begin my walk back home.

The whole journey back home, I was smiling all the way. XD

That feeling that i felt that day.. and pricless.. I made me feel like a total different person.. I mean.. just do good thing like helping someone out and you'll understand how it feels.

Yeah, this whole thing might sound like some korean/japanese drama movie.. but believe it or not.. Its all up to you. X)