Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bump on the Head

You know.. when you see cartoons show, they bumped on their head and they have a HUGE bengkak pop-ing out from their heads??

Well.. *touchs head* Ouch.. They are not kidding..

I actually bumped myself on the head yesterday.. Yeah.. laugh all you want la. XD

Why? Well mayb because I was too excited to see Corliss going down from DSA so quick, I jumped down too high while running down the stair and accidentally hit myself on the head. DX

Yeah it hurt.. Corliss saw it live too. XD I laughed abit and suddenly felt pain..

After rubbing the pain part for awhile.. i felt like theres a bump there.. like a really really big one! Corliss felt the bump too!

Then she starts helping me to rub that bump and trying to push it back into my head. It feels pretty comfortable at first.. then it turns really really uncomfortable later on.

So kids, what cartoons are showing you guys these days.. might be real.. I've just learn my lesson.

I remember Kai Boon was like telling me.. "In cartoon they all can push it back one wor, why dont you try la!! XD".

Very funny Kai Boon..

And Corliss dont feel bad about it.. It my own clumsy-ness anyways. XD Treat it as a really funny joke. XD

Yeah, the bump is still there.. but not as big as the one I had yesterday. Thanks to the ice water that I have in the fridge. XP

Now, who say that being tall is good??? XD