Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thought There was Another Me

I repeat, whatever that I wrote in my blog are all TRUE STORIES!! I mean, come on, its too real to be made up. XD

Okay, cut the crap, straight to the point.

Today, I was running to KFC to buy myself a lunch before my next class. The queue was pretty damm long, but still i waited cause I want the taste to Zinger Burger sooooo badly. (Been eating it for 5 years, never get sick of it. XP) Plus, I was really really hungry. All thanks to my VB Program for burning up my break time.

Standing beside me was this father and a little boy. From the way I see the father was dressing, he seems to be like a chinese street hawker. He was wearing an apron along with a shirt that has stains on it. So, that shows that my guess is most probably correct. XP Guess what? Coincidencely, my dad is hawker as well.

Next to him was his son which is short, specy, and shy. If some of you who actually looked at my child hood pictures, I look something like him. XP Yeah, coincidencely, the kids some how looks like me. XD

How do I know that the kid is shy? I was standing beside him and staring at him. (Yeah, im weird, i stare at kids who look something like me. XD) Then i smiled at him. (Yeah, im weird, i smile at kids who look something like me too. XD) the kid saw me and quickly hide behind his father holding on his trousers. The father then smile back at me for some apparent reason.. which i really dunno why.. O.O

From the looks of how the kid reacted, is either im scary or his shy. (I prefer saying his shy cause I dunno get the bad side of me in my blog. XD)

And again, coincidencely, that was what I do/react if i see random strangers or scary relatives smiling at me. Im a pretty BIG wuss when I was young. XP

Then, the little boy keep asking his father for Zinger Burger set. Again, coincidencely, the kid was ordering the same thing like me.

Suddenly I had a flash back.. Remembering that my father used to bring me to the ss2's KFC to buy me zinger burger everytime before my Edu Smart tuition. (No kidding, this is true) My dad used to tell me not to eat so much fast food but still, in the end he still buys me what i want. Which I find it really really sweet. XP (come to think of it, its bad for me as well. XD)

After that, the father and son bought their food and left KFC. Both of them hold hands and walked out from KFC.

Then again, I had another flashback of my dad doing that to me when I was little. He likes to hold my hand and start making farting sounds with it. That always made me laugh when I was young. (Come to think of it again, its funny. XD)

After the flashback, i smiled at the father and sons again and gave myself a little scratch on the head. (dont ask me why) At that moment of time, I really thought that there was another me. Not just me, maybe another my dad. XD

Well this is just one of my stories.. Who knows? That kid will turn out to be like me! XD

And its not a very happy thing to be like me.. XP