Saturday, November 13, 2010


Rejection?? Why all in the sudden this topic??

Well.. i shud have open up this topic for quite awhile. I actually thought of writing this topic before Prom Night starts. Why??

Alright.. Just think about it... Prom Night.. Some of you might want to have a prom date. If you want a prom date u need to ask. If u ask there is only two answers. Yes or NO? Yes means accept, No means reject. Simple. XD

If you guys still dont understand, then your a dumbass. XD

I have friends to came to be sadly.. emotionally.. telling me that they got rejected. Yeah true its a pretty small issue but for them, but it recentally is pretty big for them. Who knows right? Mayb they really really want that girl to be their prom date? X)

But to be honest.. rejection for Prom date is only a small matter.. and so is a confession rejection. If your rejected.. just the accept the fact that your rejected.

Yeah i know its hard to just accept the fact. I know. I've been rejects for alot of times. Come on, i started felling in love since i was standard 5. Do the math. XD

Its not that you not good enough for him/her. If because your just not the one that he/she loves.

Dont cry, Dont die, stay strong and give it some time.. There are many of chicks/dudes in this world. Who knows right? Just take your time looking for him/her. X)

If u wanna stay with the same girl. Go ahead. I wont stop you. I tend to do that all the time as well. XD But just a reminder.. be careful of what your doing. In relationship, chance of having a second chance is very very slim. Its actually proven. XP

I have to say.. I no love genius. Some of you might still think that im talking crap or something like that. Well, here are some quotes for you guys out there..

"You don't have the right to force someone. You must respect the other person's decision. If they don't want you, your insistence is an attempt to violate their freedom."

"You may believe they are too special and unique, but this is because you have not yet met the ideal person for you. Your perfect match will never reject you."

I've got my answer.. Now i just need to think.. how to deal with it.. X)