Monday, November 15, 2010

HMC Annual Ball 10' - Beaute Et La Mode

Warning! This is going to be one FSOAB long post. XD Due to two reasons, pictures and long long story words.. (mayb i shud cut down on the words and just let the pictures do the talking. XD) I wont be using RAINBOW words for this post is because its too damm long. but still ENJOY!! XD

After long months of preparations, finally, our HMC Annual Ball is made!! 8D It actually my first time going to prom.. I cant manage to go for my high school one.. But oh well. XP

Me moving some goodie bags for the prom.

After the hectic Business assignment due date, Business Quiz and some moving gooddie bag session.. finally we are ready to hit the road to Renaissance hotel!! XD Yeah, that where out prom night is..

Xiau Wei fetch me and Daniel along with TONS of goodie bags all the way to the hotel. The journey there was pretty funny as Daniel keeps wearing the prom queen's tiara and keep saying that his pretty or something like. XD

Not long later, we reached out destination. The place is BIG and BEAUTIFUL. Its so big that u can just easily get lost around that hotel. But after a few times of walking here and there, you will get the picture of the place. XP So its not really that BIG. XD

We first check out the ballroom.. And the place was nicely set up but still it wasnt complete yet. So, while waiting for time to fly and the modelling session to start, we some pictures there to burn some time off. XP

Me and Taltal. Picture 1.

Me and Taltal. Picture 2. XP

Yeah, saw that. My name is like the first in the fundraising committee list. XD

From the left to right. Me, Ms.Renee, Ms.Lim, Brandon and Taltal.

Looks like my hands are just not long enough to fit all our 5 faces. Or mayb its cause of my sucky camera skills. XD

After that, we got sorta sick of waiting.. so we head to our hotel rooms and chillax around there for a moment. Jumped around the bed, slept for about 2 mins. (no kidding 2 mins) and also watched Mr.Bean on TV!! XD

Then we all turned hungry. Me, Daniel, Justin, Ashwin and Katherine went out to get some food. Instead of taking bus or car or anything that is not involving technology, we choose to walk with our own legs. Well cause we thought that the place is very very near.. but NOOOOOO the place is freaking far!

Katherine dont know how to cross the road. Instead of walking.. she shouts!! XD

The journey to KLCC was pretty damn funny. We choose the wrong way to KLCC.. We cross the road fearless-ly and scare the crap of Katherine. Daniel got stunt by me and Justin fearless behavior! XD (its reckless but i like call it fearless.)

Daniel: "Taman SEA people are HOT!!!"

Nah.. he didnt say that..

Daniel: "Taman SEA people are crazy people when they are crossing the road."

Yeah, thats what he said. XP

Head to KFC and I have not enough money to buy food. Eat and walk back at the same time.. reach back to the hotel and we forget to buy food for Cheryl, and dont get our McShaker even know we ordered large. We have to eat fries till our tummies full..

Yeah, thats lots of drama. XD

Finally, Madam James arrive and so we begin to do our make up for the modelling session. Yes, i am in model as well.. Be surprise. The making up sessions was very interesting as we get to see lots of Lady GaGa style make up.. and also became Lady GaGa ourselves! XD

My model is more to like hip-hop gangster style.. As some of u have seen my model picture from the previous.. Thats how i look like. XP

Me in my model looks. XD

Yeah, i like my hair. XP

Me and Taltal in our model form. XP

Did a few rehearsal... and then.. WE ARE READY TO BE GAGA!! XD

Me on stage doing some pop-ing gangstar style. XD

If you actually notice, its a characters of HMC. XD

Right after the awesome model performance.. I quickly change myself into my prom suit. Part of the reason that i wanted to change so quickly is because I wanna see how i really look in my prom suit. XP Beside that, I wanna see the crowds that came from the prom. How everyone dressed themself up. (FYI, i was not wearing my specs while modelling) A part on that, it was my turn to take care of the back stage. XP

Yeah pretty damm alot of reasons yeah? XD

Heres how I turn out to look like with my prom suit..

Just so you guys dunno.. i was doing an Impression of Chen Zhen. XP If u dunno whose Chen Zhen the go freaking watch the movie! XD

The ball room was filled with people! Everyone looked great. The girls.. yeah and of course the dudes as well. XD

Everyone looked so good back there.. Definately need to take a few pictures with them as well. X) (Im going to talk less from now on.. enjoy the pictures.)

Max with Me

Justin and Me

Denzie and Me.

Denzie and Me posing Wing Chun style. XD

Me and Sin Yein.

Me and Corliss.

Kai Boon and Me. *Height comparing*

Kai Boon, Me and Alex Kwok.

Me about to whack the shyt out of Kai Boon. XD *Drama*

Me and Dex Shan.

Esther, Me and Stefira.

Amy Goh and Me.

Daniel and Me.

Suzanne and Me.

Me and Aaron.

Me and Rebecca.

Me and Jagshey.

Me, John and Saiful.

Me and Millie. *Ignore the height*

Samanta and Me. *Esther's head just POP out from no where. XD*

Me and Katherine.

Nick and Me.

Me and Sze Kien. *Posing Chen Zhen style*

Me and Wai Sin.

Xiau Wei and Me.

Winnie and Me.

Picture Credits goes to: Esther, KaiBoon, Suzanne, Sin Yein, Millie, etc... (sorry i dont remember everyone's name. XP)

While the prom was going on.. Esther sorta have a plan of giving Corliss a present since she is the president of Social Sphere (the group who organized this event) and she has been working sooo hard through out this whole time. X) She deserve something..

So, what we got her was a Cow soft toy. Why Cow? Cause she loves cow. Why she loves cow? That, you will have to ask her yourself. XP

Corliss hugging the cow.. X)

Corliss wasnt the only one whose working very hard for social sphere. Xiau Wei is another girl who puts in alot of efforts as well. So I guess she deserves presents as well. X)

So, we gave Xiau Wei a Panda Soft toy and two stress balls. (dont worry about the price, one Corliss is cow is equal to what Xiau Wei is having. XD)

Xiau Wei was sorta shock.. I think.. XD

The food served there was nice.. but I cant get to eat it half of the time cause i was busy walking around talking to people and also doing my work as a backstage team. XP

There are also great performance as well.. Band Singing, Dancing, Magic show, Comedy Dance show and the most Epic one is the Beatboxer. My favourite performance for the whole night! XD

Alright, now we all know that every prom there will be Prom King, Prom Queen, Best Couple, Best Male and Female dress. So does this prom as well.. But we call ours HMC King and HMC Queen. XP (Sounds different and special mah.)

The nominees for HMC King are...

Xiau Wei, Vanie and Esther || Max, Sam and Justin.

Lets not keep the tension and head straight to the results.

And the HMC King is...

MAX!!!! XD

Me, Nick and Ivan went up stage and gave Max a flower. XD

Next, HMC Queen is...


Prom Queen and her REAL Prom King. XD

Finally, the Best couple is...


Congrats to all of them for winning!! XD XD XD

Huh? Best male and female dress? Errr... yeah someone won, but the problem is that.. I dun know them and i dont remember their name. XP XP XP Yeah... sincere apologize...

After that.. We have an open dance floor. Everyone starts getting HIGH and start dancing on the stage. Yeah, every formal stuffs will end it NOT formally. XD Sure, i dont know how to dance. but i did jump along. X)

Until a certain point.. i got alittle bit headache.. I decided to stop dancing. The music was great, the dance floor was great but the speakers are just too damm loud. So, i walk out talk a few breaths.

After I walked out, more and more people started to walk out from the ball room. Is either they all got tired.. or they have the same reason as I am. So, more pictures.. but this time. Group pictures. XD

Prom King and Queen.

Dex and Mandy. Best couple in HMC. XD

Millie acting as Fatima.. Or she IS Fatima.. I dont get the joke la. XD

Me and the Prom King. XD

Some random candid shot that I made. XD

Me, Nick, Daniel, John and Saiful.

Me, Nick, John, Saiful and Alex.

Daniel, Saiful and Me doing some random shot. XD

A great group pictures with a bunch of friends. X)

Another great group picture.. XD

One of the BEST group picture taken on that Night. X)

Okay, I was wrong.. This IS the BEST picture of the night. XD

YAAAAAAAAMMMMMM~~~~~ (with a bunch of gang.)

SEEEEENGGGGGGG~~~~ (with social spheres members.)

Social Sphere getting ready for our group picture.

Still getting ready..

and Finally.. YAY!! Social Sphere! XD

After the end of prom night.. we all head back to our hotel rooms and start changing into our casual wears again. Then, the next thing about Prom Night is that, there DEFINATELY will be a drinking session with people. Well, be surprise that i didnt drink, or should i say.. I dont drink at all. XP

Any stories happened during that night.. but lets just keep it private and confidential. XP I shall just tell u guys the BIGGEST thing that happened that night. XP

John Khor Kim Ngiam became a Legend that night.. XD Thats all im saying.

I slept like I was drunk.. (but i wasnt) had a great good night sleep. XP I was deciding to go to the swimming pool but i was just too lazy to get up. XD

We took some pictures before we left the hotel room.

The Bro Council. XD

Sadly.. We have to leave the hotel with great memories in it. X')

Once we shut the room door.. Left the hotel.. It was offically, the end of my HMC annual ball. X) What an awesome day..

My first prom night.. but I can feel that its gonna be one of the BEST prom that I will be feeling.. Who knows right? its just another memories beyond. X)

-Klex signing off-