Monday, November 22, 2010

What Im Up to Lately

Hey guys.. I have been talking alot about random stuffs hese days.. lets just talk about what im up to these days. XP

1. Visual Basics Assignment
Alright, whats really interesting about C++ is that there are totally no assignments!! No bring home assignments and everything. XP Our marks are all based on some sort of quiz. But Visual basics is another way around. Real pain in the ass. Visual Basics assignments are HARD ASS SHYT!! No kidding..

Part of the reason that its hard is cause I delay until the last minute. XP So yeah, i sorta blame myself. But still, the whole damm thing is soooo complicated! DX Die lah my future job. DX Thank god everything is over. XP No more presentations, No more quiz, but now all thats left is the freaking finals. DX

2. Writing Songs.
Just so you guys dont know, I play guitar. XD Nah, thats old news. Whats new is that im starting to write songs. XP Yeah, again. But this time, I have a friend to assist me in it. XP Yeap, the one and only King. (No kidding, his name IS King! XD) King has been working with music technologies for a pretty long time. One day, he came to me and asked me to whether I want to write a song or not. Not surprisingly, I said yes. XP

After spending 3 and a half hours in my house brain stroming, we manage to write a song. The song is something like a confession song and also about a comforting song. We called it 'Just You'. Yeah, the title of the song is even harder to crack than the lyrics and the chords of the song. XP

Who knows, both of us could be writing more song in the future? XP

3. Hanging out with Bros
That doesnt mean I usually dont hang out with my bros. I do hang out with them, but this time, I hung out with them more.. XD We sorta made like this Bro Council thing and made a HQ (Head Quarters) this thing. XD Yeah, the HQ is house. Dont ask me why.

FYI, Bros does not mean its all male. There are females as well. XD Me, myself and I declare them as Bro-Sis. XD Who says females cannot be bros as well? They can be a cooler/better/smarter person to hang out with. XD But dont mess with them or they will EAT YOU ALIVE or maybe KICK YOUR ARSE! XD

4. Finished God Eater BURST part 1
As you all know, im a gamer. What kind of games into? Hack and Slash games. XP So yeah, God Eater was one of my favourite games of all time. Good game, but once the seconds version (also known as God Eater BURST), i think that Burst is WAAAAAY better than the original. It even have another extra storyline! 8D Its like KHFMz. XP

Im currently at the part 2 of the story. I dont read japanese but I can tell that things are getting more and more interesting. XP The bosses are waaaay stronger as well althought some of them do look the same. XD

Okay I cant really think of a topic anymore.. So, I guess thats all to update about myself. XP

Guess its back to random post, game faqs, and sharing stories again. XD