Sunday, November 7, 2010

Open Mic Performance @Ecoba

Remember I told u guys that me and Nicole (Bacon and Eggs) are performing for this event at Ecoba? XP

It a saturday morning.. and I suppose to wake up early and help my father in the morning market.. But due to this event, my sister is willing to take my place. She asked me to stay at home and practise. Thanks sis.

Before my event starts. My sister sent me a wall post of facebook saying that ' All the best to @Klex MIngz for tonight's performance, make the Tan Family Proud! =D'

My brother is willing fetch me to Ecoba. Well actually, im the one who asked him to fetch me one cause he knows the place. XD He said that he will go watch my performance that day. Seems to me his excited for me as well but his just playing it cool. XD

There are also a few wishes before the event (or mayb they send me during the event. XD) A little shout out to Stefira, Suilun, YanLeng, and Gabriel. Thats all? Nah, there are more.. but they are not just wishing us, they are going to watch and support us! XD

I was a little bit paranoid about the sounds systems and everything.. So, i called King the night before and ask him to come and house and adjust everything for me. XD He brought his capo, tuner and his pick of destiny. Why issit called that way? First of all, its his first pick and second that pick can strum from any point!! 8D Thanks to King, my paranoid issues about the guitar is solved.

The time is already 4pm, King came and done setting up all my stuffs, my brother done watching his show, im all dressed up and we're ready to go! XD Ecoba Restaurant HERE I COME!! XD XD XD

The Ecoba Restaurant area is pretty desserted.. mayb cause there constructions around that area.. so thats why it looks so sandly. XD The place looks pretty darn cool.. well mayb that because it been awhile ever since i entered an bar. XP

Met Jingles. The manager of the event. Freaking cool and nice guy with London accents. XP Sorta help me set up the stuffs and give me advice about everything. He provides good services too! XD I repeat. Freaking awesome guy.

Once Nicole arrived, we have a full rehearsal and then being our sound check. The sound system there are pretty awesome but King said he have seen betters. XD The sound managers did almost everything and King didnt really have to do anything.

After the sound check, we hang around there, talked a little bit, suddenly became hungry and then we head to the nearest mamak area and had some food. XP

I told Nicole that she cannot take Spicy food cause it might spoil her voice. But ask her to go to a mamak not eating and spicy food sounds kinda stupid. As mamak is equivalent to spicy. XD

After eating, we head back and we just found out that they will provide us food there! D8 I just wasted about RM8 and wasted some space of my tummy for good foods. DX XD

We met the other 3 performers who are performing for the night. Two are solo-ist which are Izzhar and Ann and another one is a band which is called Asparagus Monkeys. (Ian's Band) All of them are freaking nice people there. Had a good time talking with them. X)

Heres the thing about our performance.. There are two sets. Set1 at 8.30pm and Set2 at about 10pm. Each group are allowed to perform for about 10minutes. Me and Nicole have a discussion about this.. so heres what we sang.

Set 1
- Fireflies by Owl City
- Misery Business by Paramore
- Hey, Soul Sister by Train

- Poker Face by Glee
- Gives You Hell by AAR
- Misery by Marron5

And guess whats really special about this? We are going FIRST!! D8 XD Yeap, its a good thing.. that way we get to finish it first, sit down, chill and listen to the others. XP Theres actually a long listed about advantages of going first by King. But lets leave that aside. XP

Thank god that all of our friends manage to make it before our performance starts. Daniel, Nick, Max, Justine, Justin and Corliss mange to make it on time. Well not Corliss and Justine, they manage to made it there before hand. While the guys, lets just leave that aside as well. XD

The Set 1. Its was amazing.. standing on stage.. playing.. And the best part is. I enjoyed the performance. Nicole? No worries about her. We did soooo much practise, i bet that performance feels as easy as drink water to her. XD Yeah, she did great. XP

But something happened during the first set performance. While playing the last part of 'Hey, Soul Sister' the guitar suddenly lost its voice. No one can hear a damm thing from my guitar. The guitar just sudden shuts off by itself. (No the strings didnt break, they are prefectly fine). And at the SAME TIME!! Jingles jumps into the stage and starts playing the shakers. As in.. RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME THE GUITAR DIED!!! Coincidence? Yeap it is. XP

Still, Nicole manage to keep the tempo in her head. And she manage to sing the whole song without any guitar guidance. Only with the shaker. X) Atta Girl.

After our performance, i asked Jingles did he knew my guitar was die-ing. He went, 'No, I have no idea that was going to happen!!' Nicole then asked 'Then, why did u show up and helped us? o.O'. Jingles then answered 'Cause, I enjoyed ur singing and i just wanna jump in for fun. *smile*'.

One line that killed us happily for the night. XD

I turns out, the guitar died all in the sudden is because the plug in battery is dead. (owww...) Thank god King remind me to buy a guitar battery before hand. The guitar battery died problem just solve in a cinch.

After that we just sit back, chit chat, and enjoy the musics from the other performance. Did a live performance to Nicole's friends. After that.. its time for round 2. XP

Set 2, we started of pretty bad.. Nicole sorta went off key at the start. But it sounds like improvising to me. XD After that.. everything went well after that. Having 'Misery' in our song list was a good idea. Everyone seemed to enjoyed it. XP And playing the set first is also another advantage cause Asparagus Monkeys are going to play 'Misery' as well. XD

Me and Nicole left before the others perform their second set, cause its getting pretty late. Gave Jingles a tight hand shake and a hug to Nicole and Corliss then head to Picadili with Nick, Daniel, Max and King for some beer session. (I repeat, i dont drink!! i just sit there and cock stare)

The journey to Picadili was pretty funny with King and Max in the car. We heard the most awesomous song for the whole night. 'The Final Count Down' XD

Sit down and ate some chicken chop. Watch a football match with them as well. Supporting MU cause everyone else is supporting them. XD

Mom called, head home, listen to some musics, played God Eater Burst and POM!!! Sleep like a pig.

I have to say, for a first time performance, I think we did great. I cant really tell hows the crowd is feeling but from what Jingles said. We were Awesome. X)

One of best night I had for the year.. X)

Sadly no pictures were taken. DX But there is a video. 8D Just have to wait for it. XP

Memoriez Beyond~