Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Need a TV

You whats the sad thing about my house.. Yes, just read the title and you will probably know the answer.

No kidding, my house doesnt have a TV. Okay I was wrong, I house does have a TV. A freaking LARGE screen TV. But sadly we dont have TV channels. No kidding, not even RTM1 or TV2 or whatever they have on TV channels nowathese days. The TV is only meant for watching DVDs or VCDs series or movies only.

The last time I saw TV there was this 8TV. Yeah, that was the last time i watched TV. Its not really that faaaar but still alittle bit lay back here.

So how do I know all the latest stuffs thats going on today? Simple, the internet. Thats why im sitting right infront of my computer all the time. XD Watching through different websites on the net. Like youtube, PPstream, megavideo, any websites which watch shows for free on the internet la. Just google it. XP

But the bad side about using computer to watch shows is that is just dont feel as comfortable as watching it on a large screen TV and you dont really get to lie down on the sofa/floor and watch the show. DX

Teman-ed King over to Esther's place on wednesday. While his fixing Esther's guitar, I was enjoying myself by watching TV there!! Watched some ICarly, Tom & Jerry, Accidentally on Purpose and How I Met your Mother. Had an awesome time there! It just make me realize how much i missed TV and some childhood cartoon. X)

Dear Santa. What I really want for christmas this year, is a TV with Astro channel in it.. thats all im asking for. XP

Guess its back to Youtube for videos and more PSPs.

She is the words that I cant find. How can the only thing thats killing me make me feel so alive~