Thursday, September 29, 2011

I got Twitter~

I know its alittle late and all but guys, i got myself twitter.

I got myself a twitter for various reason. ..

One, is cause alot of people are asking me to get one. Since, i like to post alot of status in facebook before, getting twitter can allow me to post craps there as well. XD

Two, since it takes me a long time to make a blogpost just to update about myself, twitter can help me to update about myself to you guys out there. Shouldnt take long to make one short twitter post right? XD

Three, alot of my friends are use twitter more than facebook status update post. So, i would like to know whats going in their life and stalk alittle bit out of them. (At least iim honest. XD)

Four, its well of course the celebrities there la. XD

So, yeah basically i got myself twitter. So if anyone of you guys out there want to follow me or something, feel free to do so. And if i know who you guys are, i promise you guys that i will follow you guys back. XP

Twitter Name: KlexMIngz


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