Saturday, September 17, 2011

Me? Hard Working??

As you all know that i seldom blog nowathese days. And for those of you who dont know, Im busy with uni life's homework and assignments.

So, just in case, IF and only IF some of you are thinking that. "Damm Klex is hard working.." or "Damm Klex is smart.." or even "Damm Klex is starting to be a nerd.."

Me being hardworking will be the lasting that im good at in my "things that im good at" list. Especially hard working in terms of study wise. XD

And smart.. i would say definitely not in study wise stuffs. Smart in game and life experience those kind of things, MAYBE~ XD

I would say i did pretty good for my subject grades so far but in exchange i lost all my socializing, carefree, and going gaming life. To some of you guys think that is a good exchange but to me, i rather have a my carefree and socializing life back. DX

Life at my side is dull.. like plain dull.. nothing really exciting is happening in my life right now. The only interesting and most wonderful news that I can get now is either "Due date for assignment has been delay!!" or "I have farking finish my assignments!! F*CK YEAH!!".

Im not saying that i've choose the wrong course and im starting to feel regret and all, im just saying~ XP (get the tiny little joke here?)


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