Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Huiee's Birthday Party


During sunday afternoon. I was sitting in my rooms studying (can u believe it!?) Then i received a phone call from Jinhwei. Usually this girl wont even sms me but this time she actually call me! o.O it must be something big then.

Jinhwei told me that tomorrow (which is monday) is Huiee's birthday. She decided to make a surpise party for our little mantis. So as she plan was to have a surpise party for her and that party will be held at her house. As the plan was told..

Next day.. right after school! Me, Nathanael, Ming Long, KayJun, Eng Siew and EeLing gathered ourself at the back gate and prepare to take off. Plan no.1 was to enter the house through the backdoor of Jinhwei's house. We though that the maid will open the door but surpisingly YeeZhian suddenly jumped out and open the door!

Looks like YeeZhian, Woon Zhien and YuJie were there first. Well Jinhwei, Izzaty and the birthday girl wasnt there yet. Plan no. 2 is the get prepared. We are suppose to hide the cake in the fridge and hide ourself. While i was finding somewhere to hide.. Suddenly Jinhwei jumped out and said "Waaa.. you all very loud lo.." I got the shock of my life. XP

As what as we know that Huiee is on her way to her house. I wasnt hiding yet so i have no choice but to hide behide the sofa. Then suddenly Izzaty pulled Huiee and drag her into the kitchen. Huiee actually pass through me without noticing! D8 Izzaty saw me so, she decided to pull her back but it was too late i change my spot which is behide the cupboard and it was more obvious to be seen. I thought that the surpise will be spoiled because but me.. but eventually.. Huiee walked pass me without noticing me again!! D8 Pretty un-observing issint she? XD

The i run back into the kitchen and i told the guys to get ready. As the candle was lighted all of us run out with the cake and.. SURPISE!!! Happy Birthday song begins. After singing the birthday song they put the cake on the table and Huiee was ready to make the wishes.

On the otherside, Nat was getting ready to play a song for Huiee but it failed due to some particular reason. Still, Nat at least played a Birthday song for her! XD After blowing the candle and everything we decided to play some game..

Ming Long: Lets play something that is fun and intresting!

Me: And that will be??

Ming Long: Chi-Ku-PA!!

*Everybody filpped*

The we decided to play a game which is one word at a time. Is like creating a story and everybody can only use one word at a time. The game start and it was a very funny start. Everybody mind was horny.. including the birthday girl! XD Then MingLong said "Why dont we make a story that is very like something to do with Satelite" Okay.. thats real random.. And this is what happend..

Me>>Huiee>>Izzaty>>MingLong>>YuJie>>Nat>> Me (we were sitting in a circle and this is how the story goes la..)

There.. was.. an.. elephant.. with.. large.. balls.. which.. is.. from.. india.. where.. Tarvinder!!!.. lives.. in.. a.. big.. SATELITE!!! XD

Super Random issint? XD I dont know but Tarvin's name just came into my mind! XD Through the whole game was full of laugher! X) But sadly Jinhwei wasnt playing with us cause she was busy taking care of thing since some spoilers is trying to spoil the fun!!! (I dont wanna say names) Sad girl..

I was chatting with Eng Siew, EeLing and Steven. Everybody joined in and we begin to ask IQ and jokes around the house. Then me and MingLong have this conversation. Its a straight forward and honesty conversation.

Ming Long: Okay Yuming, what is the first thing that you'll see when you saw a hot girl?

Me: Well her body first then the looks la.

Ming Long: Name the body part specificly..

Me: Okay.. okay.. boobs!!

Ming Long: Tsk..tsk..tsk.. You know what will i see first?

Me: Okay.. what??

Ming Long: I will looked at her eyes first?

Me: Dude, why??

Ming Long: Cause i wanna see that the girl is looking at me anot. If shes not then only i stare at her boobs!!


The birthday party was great but sadly i have a tution at 5pm so i have to leave early.. thus there are spoilers there during the party so is no point staying there. But still i get to see my good buddy, Nat doing a great job in that party. XD

Anyways... Happy Birthday Mantis!!! opps... replay..

Happy Birthday Huiee!! XD

I bet Huiee made a wish which is pray that she will grow another 4 more legs! XD