Monday, October 13, 2008

PMR Day at School...

Today was the start of PMR day, it should be a school holiday for Form 4 and Form 5. But sadly.. my school still provide class!! D8 And the sadest part is!!! I have to go to school.. sobs..

Well eventually i have company which is Nat!! Thanks buddy. Well class is pretty darn bored cause most of the teachers are lazy to teach thus we have no mood to study even exams is like around the corner. Still i cant believe me and Nat actually did Add-Maths in class!! D8 Amazing..

Still.. things will get bored if you keep studying.. Nat brought his phone and i played Puzzle bubble in it!! His high score was like 4770 and mine was.. 4120.. aiya.. so close.. Nat's phone battery is running low.. so i stopped playing.

Me, Nat, Huiee and Izzaty pontenged class and begin sitting on the bench which is downstair of our class. The bench is actually bouncy!! 8D Then we begin to talk abt horny stuffs.. and bla bla bla.. we ran away after we saw a teacher.

Bored bored bored in class.. so Nat decided to take a few pictures!

Okay this is the proof of the amount of poeple in my class for the past few days of PMR... is definately less than 20!

YuMing: Sien wei.. wei Nat, do something with your phone la..
Okay i can explain.. is not the way it looks like.. seriously honestly!

PMR has a No Entry sign.. but our class got a No Entry sign as well!! Well its made by me.. XP The screw the world are the sign board.. its meaningless.. XP

It was day 3 of PMR and the day is boring like usual.. So me and Nat decided to go to 4A class and chat! Thank god that the teachers in there are sorta blind.. cause they cant even see two odd guys in the class! XD

I remember that XinYi and WeiGin use to ask us abt the Green Grass Room IQ test during Youth Camp. Since A class are called the best class in the school, i asked them the IQ question. This is the result..

Ahmad Daniel - 3 mins +

Jin Hwei - 9 mins +

Izzaty - 35 mins +

Huiee - 70 mins +

Riyal - GAVE UP!!

I really have the solute Ahmad Daniel.. this IQ is just brilliant!! No wonder his in A class! And for Huiee.. that time is no surpising.. XD I thought that she would go further.. XD Since A class can guessed it.. let me ask my class instead!! This is the results..

Chian Yong - 6 mins +

Zhao Yang- 12 mins +

Racheal - 17 mins +

Megan - 33 mins +

Marcus - 47 mins +

Tarvin- 65 mins +

Okay lets just say that... TARVIN YOU SUCK!! XD Tarvin almost gave up during the IQ test.. XD I thought he can answer the question faster than the other but still.. you really suck la. XD

I can explain this one as well.. erm.. long story short IM NOT GAY!!! About the other 2 beside me?? What do you think they are? XD

This is like the coolest picture of the day.. From the left..


My PMR days in school is not sucky.. its just boring! XD Oh btw, Me and Nat made some cool "comic" pictures! Next Post Next Post!!