Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kingdom Hearsts News!!!


I went into khinsider and i found BIG BIG news abt kingdom hearts! Finally some one leaked the trailers out from a event called Tokyo Gameshow 2008!! Wooohoooo!!! Not just that, someone leaked the gameplay of BBS too!! Thus I found the translation of BBS and 358 trailers!! Big new huh!? Okay lets not waste time and get to the main point shall we??

Kingdom Hearts -358/2 Days-

I've finally know whose the 14th organization. Well at first i thought itr was Aqua. Its correct, at the female part.. but eventually its NOT Aqua.. Its a totally diffrent person who looks more like Kairi. But still who know that she might be Aqua's future!? Still the name is not identified yet. Heard that they same the girl's name is Xion. Hrm.. Okay let me just show you how she looks like la. X)

Yup this is it! Shes who they called Xion.

Oh, btw Axel, Roxas and Xion are best friend in the game.

See what i mean?? Wow.. lots of thing happended during that 358 days.

She appears in Destiny Island..

Then she bumps into Riku! D8

I believe they are talking abt something real emo.. something sad.. well thats what kingdom hearts is always about! XD

Oh ya.. the game play!! In 358 you can pick to NOT to use Roxas as yourchracter! You can even play as any member of the organization 13! I mean any!! All!! Saix, Malurxia, Larxene, bla...bla.. bla.. ALL the members!! Thus you can play in maximum 4 players in that game. Thus in the end of the mission you can see who scored the highest point. All this thing in DS!! Thats very very cool!!

Kingdom Hearts -Birth By Sleep-

Okay.. enough of 358, now is the main game that im talking abt. Theres nothing much abt BBS news. All i know is Ven, Terra and Aqua's battling ability comes according to their names. If you know that Ven=Sky, Terra=Earth and Aqua=Water then you know know their abilities then. Ven is using Thunder and Aero abilities. Terra is using Earth and Fire abilities. Aqua is using Water and Ice abilities. Means.. all their keyblade are with elements!

Another thing abt BBS, the old bold man is called Xehanort. If anyone of you remember that KH2 they mention abt this guys name quite a few time. Thus, Terra is going to be one of the bad guys in the game! Terra will do anything to obtain power, so he has taken the power of darkness with him which means bad.. But Terra need power just to seek the truth of something.. something to do with friendship they say.

A few pictures from magazine scan.

fomr here you can see how Ven abilities looked like. Well of course you have to click at the picture to see it more clearly. XP His thunder abilities are just soo cool! XD Desperate!

Nothing much abt these pictures..

Okay okay enough of the pictures.. and i believe you guys cant wait for the trailers preview right?? So lets get on with it! XD

Birth By Sleep gameplay

Okay this video is soundless.. and its very very very blur. But still you can see how they use Terra's skills and everthing! Thus, the world that Terra in now is sleepying beauty's world. If im not wrong.. Terra is not fighthing heartless anymore, his fighting what they called "unbirth". anyways.. enjoy!!

Okay due to my computer lagg-ness i shall put the trailer on the next post.. XD Till then tata! XP