Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kingdom Hearts Trailer

Okay like i promised from the last post that i will post the videos of BBS and 358 trailers. Luck for you guys that i have been spending 30mins of my life looking for the trailers with english sub and clear video. Thankfully i founded the best quality already. Lucky guys.. Okay so lets get on with it!!!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Offical Trailer)

Okay this video is not blur at all cause it the offical trailer. XP Thanks to KHinsder of modifying the thing with subs. So at least you guys can understand what are they talking abt. X) Anyways, in this video you still havent get to see Xion's (14th memeber) face. Cause its not leaked and it offical.

Okay that is the only video i have which is good quality. The next two trailer is BBS and 358 leaked trailers. The video will be blur as comfirm since its leaked.. thus its hard for someone to curi-curi take video in such a huge event. its illegal.. so be thankful that you even able to see and hear it for free. XD

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (leaked)

This video is short cause it was cutted. In this video you get to see Xion's true face. Thus, Xion can hold the keyblade as well. Who is she? In only 358 days there are sooo many thing happend. Thus Axel said tht he wanted to bring Roxas back in KH2 because he doesnt want to lose another friend. Just liek what happend in 358 days, Xion wanted to leave Axel. The story is falling into pieces now.. its starting to make sense...

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (leaked)

Birth By Sleep is definately going to be the most awesome game ever! Due to its battling system and storyline. Like what you've jsut saw, you get to use all 3 characters in the game. Thus visiting more diffrent worlds, traveling to the seven princess's world. (those KH fans should know who are they) I think that Ven, Terra and Aqua are underlings of Xehanort.. im not sure..

358/2 Days
- I think Xion looks pretty cute.. XP Reminds me of Kairi from KH1.
- Due to the graphics of the game is definately going to take more than 400MB for DS.
- The storyline should be very very simple to understand.
- From what i've observed, Roxas have very simple combos..
- Pray that you get to use Riku in the game. XP
- I think Xion is the future of Aqua since Roxas is the future of Ven.
- Xemnas's japanese voice sounds a little bit gay,,
- Riku's voice is not the orginal Riku voice from KH2.
- It sucks traveling to the same world again..
- Who the hell did Mickey saw!?
- Why are Nobody chopping heartless again??
- The 14th member's name is comfrim Xion!

Birth By Sleep
- Terra's voice rocks! Suits him!!
- I think we will be using Terra more in the game..
- Ven's Thunder abilities ROCKS!
- "Shoot lock" system is more cooler than i expected.
- Its freaky when Ven gets to use the rolling ball..
- Aqua is very pretty.. if you continue admiring it la..
- "Unbirths" are something like Nobody.. i think..
- The Combos here are a lot but i think it does very littel damage.
- Maleficent is a BITCH!!
- The release date is not comfirm.. THAT SUCKS!!

Okay to those of you who doesnt really understand the storyline let me explain it for you..

Birth By Sleep >> Kingdom Hearts 1>> Coded>> Chain of Memories>> 358/2 Days >> Kingdom Hearts 2.

Thats who the whole story goes... its pretty complicated.. but everything will fall into place sice Nomura is a genius in mixing storyline. XD

I dont really have much intrest in 358/2 Days.. but Birth By Sleep?? GAWD!! I want it desperately!! I hope that game doesnt concurs more than 3GB or im screwed!! Thus Dissidia is next in line! Arh!!! All in 2009!! SPM year!! DAMMM!!!!