Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two Pontenging Warriors

This is a creation of another so called comic from Mingz and Nat. Well.. we're just getting lame.. and bored during the PMR week.. so we decided to make some sort of drama. ENJOY!
One day.. two warrior pontenged class just to fight each other.. what happend during the fight?? How did they fight? How did the fight end!? And most importantly.. who are they..

Mingz: Hoi!!! soooo you wanna ta kao arh!?

Name: Mingz

Weapon: Broken leg Chair

Skills: High Jump, Gun Form, Counterattack

Nat: Ya la!!! What?? Scared arh??

Name: Nat

Weapon: Broken mirror + a piece of wood

Skills: Quick Block, Quick strike, Quick Dodge

Mingz: Scared what la.. come!!! *stands into position*

Nat: Owwww... yeah... *stands into postion*






Nat: Lets see are you fast enough to dodge this!? Yaaaah!!!

*Nat uses Quick Strike. *

*Mingz manage to dodge the attack.*

Mingz: Fuh.. lucky me.. X)

Mingz: Nyahahaha~ My turn!!!

*Mingz uses Gun Form. Nat uses Quick Dodge.*

Nat: Is that all you got!?

Nat: You can dodge once but you cant dodge twice!

*Nat uses Quick Strike again..*

Mingz: I cant run but i can JUMP!!!

*Mingz uses High Jump.*

Nat: SHIT!!!!

MIngz: Now your wide open!! AhhhCHAAA!!

*Mingz uses CounterAttack. Nat uses Quick Block.*

Nat: Arhhh!!! Fuh.. That was close..

The battle continued for 2 hours.. 8 hours.. 1 day.. 2 days.. 3 days.. then..

Mingz: Ha..ha...why.. is.. that.. ha.. all.. ha.. you've got? ha...

Nat: Nope.. ha.. ha.. im just.. ha.. getting.. ha.. started... ha..

Mingz: I tell you what!? Lets go have some coffee!!

Nat: Sounds good to me!! Lets go!!