Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Holidays

Shit.. another few more days then holiday is over.. ARH!!!!! I dont want to end sooo fast!! grrr.... curse those people that create such things as EXAMS!!

Oh, my holiday?? Is pretty much abt three this only. PSP, jamming and studying. Well i've been playing PSP most of the time. Which is a very bad thing since exams is just around the corner. SHIT!!! I've havent been really studying much.

Our band is going jam for the coming monday. Pn.Zaini asked us to play a song for Pn.Fu's retirement. i dunno who the heck is that.. but still she gave us a chance to jam again and thats good enough. Thus she didnt ask any other band but only us.. well thats good. Its seems that the MPS jamming shows results. XD

To my fellow band team. Remember this saturday at Ronald's house or at my house also can. That night we can how jam also can. XD

Okay next is abt my PSP. My monster hunter just rocks! XD Just really getting into the game. Like what they say.. playing only will change experience. And that is soooo true! XD I opened a new character which is a female la. XD But still i will play on and continue rocking this game.

F*ck the studying part la.. it makes me sick! And i cant believe exams is coming!! ARH!!!! F*ck those people that recreate such things as exams!! Im cursing it for the people around me that hate exams as well. XD

Well toddles~ making a next post soon... soon...