Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Bunny's Life (ver.2)

Okay i stole the pictures from Nat's blog.. well he too had created a story which is the main story of this so called comic. So i decided to change the storyline but still use the same pictures. Thats why this is called..
A Bunny's Life!!!!! (ver.2)

KONICHIWA!!! All handsome, sexy and pathethic rabbit out there in the world!! Watashiwa is called.. Thamanusuke Shiramonoko Budukaidene Rabbit.. okay just called me fluffy... (=.=) Watashiwa is a NINJA rabbit who is train by this evil sensei!

This handsome yet evil looking guy is my sensei! His name is YuMing senpai desu! He always bully watashiwa around and make excuses that its a training! those so called training such as.. putting a pen right into watashiwa's ass.. Watashiwa thinks that his just jealous that im more SUPREME than him!! (thats what i think..)

Watashiwa is been thinking ever single night to do revenge or not.. wait.. what is watashiwa saying!? Of course watashiwa want revenge!! Watashiwa is been thinking every night of the ways to take the revenge.

So today watashiwa has planed to take tha revenge!! Watashiwa has nothing but a weird looking sword which everyone called it PEN.

Watashiwa begin by stabing the PEN into Yuming Sensei's face!!! Waaacha!!!

But sensei is still sensei. Knows how to counter attack watashiwa's attacks!! But watashiwa havent give up!! Watashiwa found a very special weapon!!!

Watashiwa found tha thing which looked like Bazoka but people called it water bottle.. whatever it is.. it looks very very painful!! Muahahahah!! You should know how strong it is from the face of YuMing sensei's face.

Watashiwa thought that tha weapon is for watashiwa.. but watashiwa just learn something new.. tha water bottle cannot shoot one!! And yet tha water bottle is YuMing sensei's weapon.

Dateh... after training sooo long which is worthless sensei. Watashiwa of course know where is his weakness.. sooo watashiwa too what they called Pencil Box to his YuMing sensei's erhrm!!!

Okie.. i dont know whar thar fark is sensei doing.. but thats definately something very very very de bad.. Watashiwa got one last thing to say.. Rabbit can NEVER EVER win humans.. even ninja rabbit cant.. good bye..

BOOOMM!!!! *got burned*

CONCLUSION: Rabbits cant win Human.. no matter what..

I think i just spoiled the story.. X( If you wanna watch the ver.1 then go to Nat's blog. X)