Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updates on ME!

Its been awhile since i post an updated post about myself. So, i guess its about time to talk alittle about myself then~ XD

Dont worry, i have come in this post with preparations. I got some pictures to make the most more interesting and not dull loking.. Ah~ XD

Yeap, thats JJ from morning crew. I took a picture with him in my uni. His there because he was organizing some event there. I think it has something to do with Digi. Im not very sure. I walked up to him, i asked him to take a picture with me and his like 'Okay, no problem'

Like any other people, when I introduce myself as 'Klex', JJ was like 'WHAT?? How do you spell it!?" Funny reaction he had there. After taking the picture, he asked me to tag him in facebook and thats the first thing I did when I went home.

Not long after I upload the photo up on facebook and tagged JJ, he commented on the photo asking me to send it to him thru his gmail. And thats what I did. After that, he post our picture on his JJ facebook page taggin me in it. Whats really cool is the album that he tagged me in is called 'Cool People I've Met' 8D

I say its was pretty cool experience having someone famous taggin me in their picture. But of course, there are another 436t8345 people taggin in that album. Still, IM ONE OF THEM!! Nyahaha! XD

Weng talked to me one day and said 'First is Janice & Sonia, then its JJ from! Whose next?? Obama!?" Well, not really but some what close to it I guess. I took pictures with a Datin. XP

I had a project presentation about a government franchise website. Yes, government website. Our job is re-design a user interface and give them ideas on how to improve the traffic rate of their website. After that, we have to present everything to the Datin who is incharge of the website. Pressure? Yes.

There are few things I need to do since I am the presentor for the team. First, i need to get my self a suit. When I thought of suit the person i thought of was Max since his suit fit me prefectly during the performance night. So, the day before the presentation I head back to HELP to grab Max's suit and at the same time meet up with all my HELP-ian friends.

It was great to meet up with all my HELP friends again. All of them are pretty surprise seeing me there as well since i didnt mention much about my visit to help. Sadly, I have to leave very early cause I have other errands to run after that. If could I stay long, I will spend more them with them.

The thing that most of mt HELP friends said to me is asking me to cut my hair. And thats what I did immediately after my meet up in HELP. Plus, that is my second to-do-thing as a presenter for my team. Having a long hair bushy person presenting to the Datin just doesnt really look and feel formal. And my hair was really really really long (probably the longest I ever had.) So, i guess its a good time to cut my hair.

A picture before my hair was cut.

A picture after my hair was cut. XP

Yeah, i went pretty all out didnt I? But my dad likes it and some of my friends liked it. So, thats all I really need. X)

The next day, I suit myself up and head to INTI for my presentation. The presentation was held in Putra Jaya. So me and my classmates took the bus all the way down to Putra Jaya.

I would say that the presentation went pretty well. Every presentation went well. Although, the Datin was a strict but very nice women overall. The comments and points that she gave all of us was very helpful. She is something like my mom but of course, my mom is better. XP

My team's presentation went pretty good. The Datin didnt really gave any bad comments about our presentation and the ideas that we gave to them. And my presentation was pretty entertaining I would say since im the kind of person who likes to joke around alot. Of course, my teammates did the most work for the programming stuffs and all. There was alot of struggling and all but still in the end we manage to pull it thru and give a pretty statisfying presentation. I proud to have a great team mates like them. Kudos to Alex, Chong Han and Theodore. X)

After the presentation we have a photo shooting session.

A picture with the one who set us up with Datin, Ms Shahida.

Everyone who are involved in the presentation, the Datin and Datin's officers.

And guess who took and one of one picture with the Datin? XP

And after that we have a another photo session of our own.

My whole classmates and my lecturer.
My typically jump shot picture. XP

And thats all for my updates. Hope you guys enjoyed the stories. X)

Now, back to my hands full of unfinish programms and assignments. Argh.. Wish me luck.


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