Monday, November 14, 2011

The Tempered Steel Dude Story

This post is the story on how I get my first mtg deck. Well its a blogpst just for my mtg friends who are actually reading my blog (im surprised) or people who are just plain bored and nothing to do to spend their free time to reading this. XD

I started to play mtg when my high school friends, Tarvin and Ronald started to re-play magic (they used to play but they stop and now they play again) Tarvin's deck was full of cheap to cast creatures but they all became deadly in the end as Tarvin just equip all his canggih artifacts equipments and just beat the shyt out of Ronald's deck.

Since then, i started to have interest in magic and I want my first deck to beat a cheap casting creatures and artifacts BUT different from Tarvin's deck. (typically chinese guy who likes cheap but badass stuffs. XD) So i searched online for some top artifact decks.

The first deck i saw was Tezzeret Control deck. The deck was full with artifacts and all. So i just felt interested with the deck but after calculating the price of the deck, i totally lost interest in the deck already due to his superb expensive deck.

This is the main card in Tezzeret deck. You need 4 of it and 1 cost about rm60. D8

Then the next deck i found was Tempered Steel. I thought the Tezzeret has lots of artifacts but tempered steel numbers of artifacts are just ridiculous. About 80% of the deck is filled with artifacts. Thats not the main reason that caught my eye on this deck. The main reason was because of the ridiculous cheap drop creatures they have in this deck.

The main card for the deck Tempered Steel.

From what i saw from Tarvin's deck is the cheapest creature to cast in the deck was 1 to cast. But in tempered steel, there are even creatures who are ZERO to cast!! Thats not even cheap, that was i called FREE! XD

See what i mean about cheap casting artifact creatures? XP

Immediately I was like "Okay, you are going to be my first deck!" And there i started saving up some money and slowly buy the cards and components for the deck. Less than 2 weeks, walah. I got my first mtg deck. XD

The thing about my tempered steel deck is that its a deck on a budget type tempered steel. Since i treat mtg as a side hobby, i dont wanna go all out just for a bunch of cards. So there are some cards which are expensive but going to get rotated already in about 3 months. So, I used a cheap not completed tempered steel for that long 3 months and my tempered steel was nothing compared to other's tempered steel deck.

The thing about tempered steel deck is that its very very popular. Its actually the top 5 strongest deck in mtg competitions. (during the time that i started playing mtg) Since its such a strong deck, there are definately people who are going to make it. Everywhere I go and play magic, i will always saw one or two dudes playing tempered steel.

Even know my tempered steel deck is not completed and not as strong as compared to the others, I still liked the deck. I have fun playing tempered steel deck as its my first ever mtg deck. Of course, i lost alot of matches with that incompleted deck as well. XP

Few months later, a new cycle comes in and most of the important cards in tempered steel are cycled out due to the rotation. (long story short, new thing comes in, the old things goes out) So, tempered steel was not as strong as it used to be since most of the important cards are already gone.

After the first few weeks of the new cycle (innistrad) competitions, tempered steel which is the top 5 strongest deck dropped from top 5 to top 16 decks. Since then people stop playing tempered steel and head on with another strong unbeatable expensive deck. But me? Im still keeping my tempered steel cause its my first deck and im still going to play with it.

There are still people out there on the net making tempered steel work with the new cycle but still, its nothing compared to the previous cycle of tempered steel. I looked up to the net, get some of their ideas and changed my tempered steel and little bit here and there on my own.

Then, i brought my tempered steel deck to friday night magic (a weekly mtg competition thingy) to have some fun with my tempered steel again. Surprisingly, i won 3 out of 4 games. I was surprised and so are the other players who played with me. No one expect a tempered steel to appear in a fnm game. They would expect some top decks from this new cycle to appear but NEVER a tempered steel.

I kept playing tempered steel, get the hang of my new tempered steel deck and add some new knowledge from the pros week by week. After that, most of the fnm games i won and sometimes i even end up being 3rd place or 4th place out of 20+ players there who are competiting in fnm.

Like I said, no one will really expect a tempered steel deck to appear in an fnm game. When i drop my first few cards on the battle field, my opponents reaction always makes me laugh. Is either they will let out a big sigh (the sigh you do when your having stress) or they will go "Owh shyt..". Some even went and say "OMG, this deck again? I hate your deck man!". And me, the owner of the deck will just sit down and laugh at their reactions and enjoy giving them a hard time trying to stop my deck. XD

Sometimes, some players who are looking around saw my tempered steel in action with my opponent will stop and watch my game. Sometimes, I will they them saying "Ohhh, a tempered steel. havent seen one of those a quite already." or even "interesting, a tempered steel user."

Some of the shop owners who organized the fnm games started calling me 'fnm' champ (which i am totally not!!) all thanks to my tempered steel deck. Some players called me 'tempered steel dude' cause i was the only one left around playing tempered steel deck.

I even have a player coming up to me and say "I want to fight your tempered steel." Of course, out of curiosity, I asked why. Then he answered me "Cause your the only one around who is still using tempered steel. And your tempered steel is still a strong deck after all." Although, that line doesnt really mean anything but for some reason, i felt alittle happy. Players actually wanna fight against my tempered steel.

I feel proud that I've made a wise choice choosing tempered steel as my first deck. Of course, i feel happy for my cards as well. Before this, my tempered steel was very close to the word 'crap' but now, my tempered steel deck is pretty much a treat to alot of players since alot of them will never expect one to appear again.

Although now I have some other new decks to play with but no matter, tempered steel will always be my first and favourite deck among all. X)

Pretty funny eh, i can write a such long story just about cards. (got my nerd mode on) To me, its a side hobby that made me happy so i guess its worth to spend some time writting about it. And who knows, in the future when i read back to this post i can read back one of the great memories i have when i was a nerdy teenager. XD

I dont called this blogspot memories beyond for nothing. XP

So any of you guys have a side hobby with an interesting story? Do leave a comment here and share it to me. That would be nice. X)


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