Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comic Rage

Just a random post that I wanna post to keep the blog update. XP

Have you ever read a comic book that is sustaining too long or a comic that ALWAYS potong steam? Its like the comic is at the very epic moment then something happens and totally potong steam the whole epic moment? Or the main protagonist did something very stupid that pissed you off?

Yeah, i had that all the time. I dunno why but it always happens in the comics that i read. XD

Okay, i cant really blame cause they wanna sustain the whole story and bring the story to another side/section of the story. They probably wanna drag so they can get some ideas or they wanna go to another section to clear up the story more.

And i have no right to judge what the protagonist is doing getting stunner or something cause maybe i never experience before and all..

Lesson learn, dont read unfinished comic books or love comics which has a stupid main character in it. You will get some comic rage!! DX XD

Or maybe its just me.. I dunno.. im bored.. DX

Forever Alone~ DX DX DX

CHEERS?? Maybe~

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