Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday..

Some of you might already know who is this special girl from the looks of the date. XP

Your probably wont be reading this blog post cause really.. cause you probably dont know my existance. There are probably tons of other guys out there who are doing exactly the same thing like im doing right now. Posting happy birthday facebook status, tweets or blog post. XP

You are a big inspiration to my life. Your quotes and words help me get through the day some time. And your songs are sooo understanding as they pretty much talk about my current life. X)

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift.

The latest and yet another touching music video that she made, 'Ours' was really good. I totally understand the whole story behind the whole song after watching it for the first time. And whats really amazing and beautiful about this is that, the whole script was written by Taylor herself. X)

Yeap, the whole song is typically Taylor Swift style. Me gusta! XD

You probably wont be reading this, but congratulation on your 3 AMA awards. All the best in your future music career and may all your dreams come true. X)

PS: Hope you can come and perform in malaysia one day. XP

Running out of blog post.... DX

CHEERS for Taylor Swift~ X)

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